As soon as it is in the summer, the vest skirt begins to become one of the highest street exposure items. Especially the indoor air conditioner, the two days of the ice and fire of the outdoor sun, the vest skirt is the most suitable dress. The sleeveless vest skirt is cool and air -permeable. When it is indoors, the air conditioning temperature is not afraid of it.

Korean version of cotton and linen without sleeve fake two dresses

The elegant round neck has an invisible zipper after the collar, which is convenient to wear and take off, refreshing sleeveless, hollowed on the shoulders, looming sexy beauty ~ fold stitching skirts, creating a fluffy design, feminine.

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

Plaid printed sleeveless vest dress

The simple round neck brings you an unprecedented soft experience, high -end fabrics, good feel, and a stylish princess.

Pure cotton professional sleeveless solid color large dress

In the hot waves, the minimalist sleeveless dress has become the first choice for love girls. It shows the fragrant shoulders and arms not only cool, but also increases female charm.

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

European and American fashion red small floral dress

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

Wearing a fairy and foreign dress, with high heels, it is tall and thin. In short, it is great! Recommend it sincerely!

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

Casual A -line skirt round neck sexy printed skirt revealing female skirt

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

The goddess’s sexy back, the lightly romantic dress, the geometric pattern adds dynamic colors to the dress.

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

Fashionable sleeveless lace pure color round neck knitting split long skirt

Lace fabric, comfortable and breathable, must be used in wardrobe.

Chiffon sleeveless fashion irregular streaming dress

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

The simple and generous round neck is integrated into the irregular side splicing design to highlight the liquidity, and the combination of the hem flow is more light and elegant.

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

Candy -colored ripple sleeveless cooler dress

Candy -colored ripple patterns, colorful colors, very retro, the design of the pleated skirt is very feminine.

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

Lace sleeveless dress

Simple and stylish letters print, remove tedious decorations, show more fashionable, large skirts, and perfectly create elegant feelings.

夏季清凉指数升级 衣橱必备无袖连衣裙

Slim and thin water washing sleeveless denim dress

Casual sleeveless denim dresses, round necks are more fit, unique knitting craftsmanship is more fashionable, beautiful, reflecting the design sense, and more fashionable and young.

Sleeveless off -the -shoulder waist, European Root Slim Dress

Eu Genxi checkerboard stitching, combined with printing, derivative dual color, shoulder · link · neckline 1 waist, mesh splicing, effectively covering small fat, elegant skirts, thin waist, shaping charming women in spring and summer. “

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