There is no preparation. There is a glass room in the yard in the family. Usually drinking tea here and drying clothes. It ’s okay to stay below these two days. What is the method of heat insulation? I don’t want to waste this land …


In fact, there are still many ways. Let’s take a look at how the masters do:

1. Thermal insulation pad


Let the door and window master help add to the top of the glass, and then the ceiling supports stuck, so don’t you get it? The thermal insulation effect is still good. Keeping all sides of ventilation, basically it is cold in the glass room, and there is still no problem.

2. Reflective membrane

This can be directly attached to the outside of the top of the shed. The glue and aluminum film can be reflected by the ultraviolet rays. The natural temperature under the instant of the shed is not so high. It is equivalent to a layer of waterproof coil.


3. Pad grass skin


There are four advantages on the top of the grass shop:

① First of all, from the appearance, green oil, when you look at it, it seems like a small garden;


② Secondly, the temperature is isolation, just covered with turf;


③ and the key, even if the rain falls on it, it also avoids crackling sounds, and will not cause adverse effects on neighbors;

④ The most important thing is that the turf does not absorb water, which means that it will not increase the weight above the ribbon and the risk of collapse.

4. Hanging sunny curtain

This is also a way to go directly on the top of the glass shed. With this layer of protection, the ultraviolet rays are naturally isolated. When the weather is not so hot, when the ultraviolet rays are not so strong, it can be hidden, it is quite easy to use. In order to be more convenient, it is best to be electrical and retractable, and the release is between the keys.

And to a certain extent, it also has the effect of ash. Just remove it and wash it. When the New Year is cleaned, you no longer need to climb up to clean the danger of the roof of the shed.

In addition, there is a trick to share with everyone. The glass top is replaced with the top of the solar light plate. Can the solar energy be converted into electrical energy? The cost is higher. Decoration can be referred to.


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