For women over forty years old, most people choose to pursue a big name when they are dressed. One is to show elegant temperament, and the other is to give people a very grade feeling. But the young lady around 30 years old is different. More often, I will choose a fresh and fashionable age -cut shape to make others look young as much as possible. Therefore Essence

When it comes to Xiaoxin’s styling, everyone will not be unfamiliar. It can be said that many young ladies often use the style that they often use when they choose to wear. The color tone is fresh and beautiful, and it can emit the sweet temperament of the girl, which looks particularly energetic.


Many times, even the supermodel Liu Wen, who is walking at the forefront of fashion, will wear it like this. This is not this time she chooses the “small fresh” dressing style. After the “pink” cross -body bag is decorated Girl feel.


Liu Wen Xiaolin Model Appreciation

Although Liu Wen chose a sweater that did not match the season as the tone of dressing, it is not difficult to find that the refreshing color does not make people feel dull at all. Instead, it looks very young and young, and the age reduction effect is very obvious.

Compared with the color, the version of the knitted sweater is an important factor to enhance the sense of fashion. The exquisite and short style not only outlines the perfect body line, but also the body proportion is also extended, which is very thin and slender.

In addition, Liu Wen itself has a supermodel figure. With the high waistline dressing method and skills, it is difficult to think about it.


The matching of denim flared pants has also made a huge contribution to the entire body, which sets off the legs and can play a role in hiding meat. It also looks very tide. Especially with low -waist jeans and short sweater, it is faintly revealing small waist, which looks very charming.


Knowledge point:


Although the elegant small fresh shape is fashionable, it still makes people feel a little flaw. This feeling is mainly because it does not use the “small jewelry” embellishment in the wear, making people feel a relatively abrupt feeling.

Therefore, in terms of accessories, Liu Wen chose a “pink” cross -body bag as decoration, which is rich in shape and color. At the same time, it shows the girly temperament, which looks particularly sweet.


From Liu Wen’s style, we can understand that many of the reason why many wearing and looking at fashion and pretty are the reason for the use of “jewelry”. The jewelry plays a regulating role in wearing, making the whole look refreshing and more fashionable.

Next, let’s learn how to use “jewelry” together to make the shape fashionable, it looks more character!


What are the places to pay attention to jewelry matching?


Whether we choose to use bags, scarves, or other accessories, we must choose the jewelry to be fused with the costume style. This can maintain the overall style unchanged, and at the same time, we can also improve the character’s character, which is more delicate.


For example, the simple style of the high -level sense must be simple, and the jewelry must also be simple. While not affecting the overall dressing style, it can also increase its temperament and gas field invisibly.

In addition to the style of the jewelry, color matching is also an important point. The correct color matching can not only enhance the sense of fashion, but also light up the whole shape at once, making the dress more interesting.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to choose jewelry of the same color as the clothes, or complement the color of the clothes, so as to avoid a sense of disobedience and add color.

Like this shape, the complementary matching method is used. The minimalist black and white bag lights up the casual shape in an instant, and the obtrusive color matching does not have a sense of abruptness. Instead, the simple style of the atmosphere has improved another grade.


What are the recommended accessories?


1. Women’s bag

In fashionable wear, women’s most utilization jewelry is bags. Regardless of daily going out or participating in the grand event, bags can greatly improve the style of the entire shape, and can also help us store daily necessities. Especially when participating in more important activities, the correct style of bags can also make the simple style look more advanced, and it can also play a blessing role in personal temperament.

If you replace it with a more casual dress, you can also match a large -capacity handbag, which will feel more practical and fashionable. Through the contrast between the color of the bag and the clothes, the entire shape will not lack highlights, which can play a finishing touch.

2. Hat

In addition to bags, the wearing rate of the hat is also quite high, and it is also very helpful for face shape modification. Among many styles of hats, fishermen and peaked caps are the most common, versatile without losing their overall sense.

But to be inclusive, the fisherman hats are more widely used. The wide hats will not be limited by the face shape. Female friends with round faces can be easily controlled, and they can also look small, playful and cute.

But the peaked cap is different. After the fat, it will look more rounded, and it is more suitable for the thin -faced young lady. Of course, the peaked hat also has the advantages of the fisherman’s hat. For example, the handsome and refreshing temperament created by it can make the wearing women’s dressing unique.

3. Scarf


After the autumn, there are often many clothes, so if you want to add the exquisiteness of the shape, the matching of the jewelry is essential. In the jewelry of the season, the scarf can be said to be the most fashionable item, especially the style and style of the scarf are very rich, which can fully meet the fashion needs of various styles. And you can also use the color of the scarf to make the monotonous solid color shape very layered. The dull black wear will not look very depressed, and the practicality is strong.

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