Spring is the high incidence of influenza, and children’s resistance is weaker than adults. Compared to lining up in the hospital with the child, it is also necessary to force the child to take medicine and injections. Parents must want to adopt a more gentle way. The atomizer can atomize the liquid into tiny particles, and enter the respiratory tract and lung deposition through breathing inhalation, so as to achieve the purpose of painless, rapid and effective treatment. Haier children’s dedicated atomizers are specially developed for children’s cough and fever. At present, the Jingdong flagship store is priced at 239 yuan.


Haier Children’s Medical House Optical atomizer Jingdong Self -operated Store Quotation is 239 yuan>> Buy Link


This newly listed child’s Herheomin JK-11 is a real medical same compressed atomizer. Micro -meter -grade atomized particles, delicate and natural, to the affected area, allowing the baby to better absorb the effect. At the same time, the atomizer uses paddles to control the atomization rate, which can meet the atomization needs of different people. During use, the fog of the Haier atomizer is very soft and comfortable, and the baby will not have a throat.

The atomizer adopts a new generation of atomizer cup, which is carefully designed to make the drug more amazing. The large -scale heat dissipation design of the bilateral side allows the heat to fully dissipate, making the atomizer more stable and longer.

Haier atomizer JK-11 is small in size and easy to carry. The appearance uses a stylish and warm orange color color with cute cartoon pattern, which is even more happy. In terms of details, the four corners of the bottom of the machine are equipped with non -slip foot pads to make the machine firmly stick to the ground and not easy to slide. It is also equipped with a one -click operation design, which can be easily operated by the elderly and children.

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