Diko Zisu water


Smooth and refreshing and non -sticky, a smell of fragrance of plant. Anti -inflammatory acne, oil control, moisturizing, soothing and calming, very mild, wet compresses can eliminate closed mouth. You can also shoot directly. The official recommendation is better to use Daike avocado lotion.


Shiseido new white cherry blossom whitening toner, 25ml

Use sense: The texture of this lotion is very thick. Personally think that the moisturizing effect is greater than whitening! And for me, I am more accustomed to whitening in summer and moisturizing in winter. But in summer, this water is too thick and there will be some greasy. Essence Essence So I don’t like to use it very much

Effect: It is unlikely to point to a bottle of toner whitening. With the new white cherry blossom whitening essence of the same series, the effect of whitening is still obvious. Therefore, I recommend that friends who want to whiten can only buy the essence of the essence. There is no need to use a full set, and its texture is really too thick in summer. Essence

L’Oreal Fuyan Snow Crystal water

Detailed introduction: Crystal water is very good for regulating water and oil balance. It can restore the skin to a healthy state, so that the pores can avoid strong oil secretion, so that the skin will also show light from the inside out.

Huayu Jixu water toner


This Huayu collects toner, rich in natural rice fermentation ingredients, grain and yeast extracts, can whiten and hydrate, purify and repair, moisturize, can improve the skin’s keratin barrier function, make the skin texture softer and tender, improve the essence of the skin , Especially effectively preventing the dark spots and stains caused by sun exposure, gently eliminating various flaws and dull phenomena of the skin, making the skin tone more moist and transparent, especially the skin and skin texture becomes. To be stronger, it will naturally increase the brightness of the skin tone and show a clearer skin condition.

At the same time, it contains unique hyaluronic acid moisturizing factors, which is conducive to absorbing and penetrating, which will make the skin more moisturizing, especially to make dry and sensitive skin more moist and translucent, and the skin will become more stable. Sensitive, make the skin more moist and clear, and adjust the rough skin into a delicate skin state. Supplement the nutrition required for the skin, thereby balance skin water and oil, and repair the skin moisturizing, pure whiteness and gloriousness.

The liquidity is very good, the fragrant rice flavor. Especially smelling. Use it after cleansing, each time it is in the palm of the hand, and then it will be absorbed quickly on the face. The skin looks brighter and the skin is updated. Very moisturizing, I feel that the skin is delicate. After two or three weeks, the skin becomes super comfortable, and the T zone is not as delicious as before, and the pores are not so thick. After almost a month, the skin was dull, and now the skin has become softer and delicate.

These toner effectively anti -sensitivity, whitening, moisturizing, soothing and calming, very gentle and easy to use

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