Teddy Bear Diarine Zhenxian Petting Series 2.0 upgrade! It will be fully stored in early June 2019. The well -known branded mother and baby stores and major chain supermarkets are sold!

Turning gorgeously in the high -profile attention, and empowering the return of 10,000 people, the upgrade will be brought to each baby to bring the summer gospel to each baby, refreshing and breathable, this summer is not sultry, play freely!

Teddy Bear Diaril Pants Boarding Series Upgrade Return

Three cores love to love

◆ breathability DOUBLE: The new product surface layer and the bottom layer have been perforated, exceeding 5 billion breathable micro -holes, double -sided perforations, double breathability, free air circulation, the baby is not afraid of sultry for a long time.

◆ Lighty sense of Double: The new product adopts the body of ergonomics. On the basis of ensuring the function, it reduces the thinning by 20%. It is as thin and smart as the butterfly wings.

◆ Softness Double: The new product does not matter whether the surface layer or the bottom layer, the soft hot wind non -woven fabrics are used from the inside to the outside.

Comparison of the new and thin old models of teddy bear urine pants

◆ breathability, lightness, softness, softness

1) Breathing (Bohn’s new breathability is better than the old product. At least 5 billion micro -breathable holes on the breathability of the new Zhen Bo products are required to be seen with high -tech support.

2) Light and lightness: The thickness of the new model has improved on the basis of the old product. It is not a way to reduce the meta content to make the diapers thinner, but use the new type of core body and new multi -multiple suction polymer material developed. When absorbing the urine unchanged, let the diapers lose weight and thinner the body thinner and thinner. Essence

3) Softness: Zhen Bo’s new style uses silk soft anti -stick non -woven fabric, which is soft and silky than the old model, which gives the new muscle spring breeze.

When the summer cicada tweeted, he waved farewell to the sultry and farewell. Follow the wind in summer, not afraid of sultry, subvert the traditional summer cognition, and play a whole summer! Teddy bear diapers are fell in love with the series of diapers to be enabled to return!

赋能归来宠爱有加 泰迪熊纸尿裤臻薄宠爱系列升级归来

Teddy Bear Diaril Pants Boarding Series Upgrade Return

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