October 26 news,

The Gaode Map is officially launched on the HD version of the lane -level navigation. Using HD rendering technology, the original real road scene information is also directly on the screen, including the current number of lanes, the ground marking lines, entrances and special lanes, etc.

With this new feature, no longer worry about opening the wrong lane or intersection, the navigation is clearer and intuitive.

It is understood,

The Gaode car lane -level navigation is based on the domestic self -research Beidou satellite navigation system. It supports the high -precision positioning of Yami -level and upgrades directly from a 5-10 meter road level to a lane level.


It can achieve high -precision guidance services at certain special or complex intersections, and comprehensively improve the navigation experience of car owners.

Beginning last year, Gaode Mail -level navigation gradually launched in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, and supported dozens of models such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor. today,

The official launch of the lane -level navigation HD version will fully cover most of the mainstream mobile phones on the market, including Android and iPhone models. At the same time, it will also cover high -speed and fast roads in 120+ cities across the country, so that more car owners can enjoy this feature.

At present, many users have used the new feature of Gaode Map. Some netizens said that the navigation is indeed more accurate after opening this function, and the interface is more three -dimensional, which can intuitively see the lane of your current lane.


Navigation will also remind you in a timely manner to remind you to change the aisle, out of high speeds, etc., and experience the full upgrade at the fast road and multi -car road entrances.


At the same time, some netizens reported that the identification of lane information is not accurate enough, and the three lanes can also identify their debut. The two -lane or two -way four -lane are unclear. It seems that this function is still a bit insufficient to identify accuracy on a relatively narrow road. Of course, this may also be affected by the hardware of the mobile phone, and the surrounding environment interferes with the positioning accuracy of the mobile phone.

Judging from the feedback from most netizens, Gaode’s function does improve the navigation experience, especially for some owners who do not understand navigation, no longer have to worry about missing the intersection or opening the wrong lane. Some netizens also called for Gaode to go online in the car version of the function as soon as possible.

In fact, in January this year, Xiaopeng Automobile had reached a cooperation with Gaode and became the first car company with lane -level navigation. In the future, the function will be launched one after another on other cars. The high -definition version of this time, Gaode also minimizes the degree of dependence on the hardware, as much as possible to make more models with lower hardware thresholds using this function. I believe that the vehicle version can soon be supported.

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