In today’s society, as people are interested in cultural relics and ancient things, many Jianbao programs have begun to emerge. However, some of the cultural relics flowing in the people, some are true, and naturally some are false. Seeing, there was an uncle of Shaanxi Baoji, so he made a noise.

The master was very talkative. After playing, he put the box in his hand on the table, and then took out the small shoes. He tells his story, saying that the small shoes were passed down from a generation of people. In his generation, he always collected. I only took it out to let the experts show it today, and then joked that I would give the shoe to the host to wear it. Of course, everyone thought that the old man was joking.


However, when the experts saw these shoes, and then told the uncle about the true and false of this thing. Experts can be said to be very serious. The story of the uncle is edited. Because this shoe is not ancestral thing at all, it is more like a modern crafts. The first is the glaze on this shoe. The ancient glaze was fired, and the red glaze on this small shoes was painted with modern art.


The other is the mark on the bottom of the shoes. We all know that there will be some years in general cultural relics, or the commemoration of the age. Although the bottom of this small shoes is said to be written in the Qianlong period, it can actually be seen that this is hit, and it is different from the method of writing in ancient people. Therefore, experts told Uncle from these two aspects that this cultural relic is fake, just a modern crafts.


However, after that, the experts talked to the uncle. He first pierced the uncle holding fake cultural relics, then compiled a fake story, and told the uncle that it was also important to participate. After that, the expert also said that these are knowledge points, and the people across the country will master these contents because of the arrival of the uncle, and then the people of the country will thank the uncle.

In fact, no matter whether it is participating in Jianbao program, some knowledge about cultural relics should be known to us. In this way, when we encounter cultural relics one day, we can always have a little different practices and knowledge from others, isn’t it? In fact, in ancient times, this kind of porcelain shoes were a friendly forestein of ancient people. In the Qing Dynasty, there were such small shoes. In fact, the newly -married couple’s room will put such small shoes. In fact, it is to marry the homophonic of this shoe, which means “harmony”. So, whether it is a collection or the usual growth knowledge, we should still know these contents, isn’t it?

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