I was idle for a day at home today. Still at home at home. Put back your own wardrobe. Today we are talking about how to sort out our underwear.

Every time I clean up the closet

We know which clothes

Which pants should be placed in?

But for the bra, sometimes it is messy there

It is likely to be flattened, the pressure deforms


Then the effect of the bra itself will be lost

So, how to store bras?

If your underwear itself is not many itself

You can choose the storage bag hanging up, and save space


Each underwear can be stored separately


And the transparent material allows you to know which one you want

This super useful and affordable


Does this look tidy?

It can also prevent mildew and moisture, neatly stored underwear,


Let yourself live a more refined life

In fact, we can try it by ourselves. You must have a different sense of satisfaction! Let’s try it?

At home, we often come into contact with such scenes. Underwear is the most difficult to collect and organize.

In fact, you have learned how to teach you how to do everything.



With buckle inside storage

Then fold

Is this very good?


Let’s learn the storage of the underwear.


Fold one -third of the one side inward.

The other side is the same as above. Is it very good? Growth is square.

Fold from one third from one side of the pants mouth

Fold into the mouth of the same method as the same method.


Is it beautiful to storage like this! Each of us can do it. Yes or no?


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