When I was young, I liked to eat sugar, and I especially liked to eat fudge, various flavors, sweet and sour Q bombs. Today we will learn about French fudge. Orange flavor.

French fudge refers to boiling fresh fruit puree with sugar, and then solidifies with natural pectin into fudge. In ancient France, this is also a method for storing fruits.


Fresh fruit puree, after we squeezed the orange juice, the low heat was slow to 40 degrees, that is, the state is very good, which is very suitable for the orange mud of fudge.

Method -style fudge, the temperature is critical, the temperature is not right, and it is easy to fail. Therefore, when we let the orange mud mix with the apple gum sugar, pay attention to the temperature in the pot is about 40 degrees, measure the thermometer.

Because apple gums are mixed with oranges directly into groups. So the method we adopted here is to mix sugar and apple gum first.

Apple gum is a water -soluble fiber, rich in dietary fiber, which can condense fudge. The apple gum here cannot be replaced by Geely Ding. It is indispensable, otherwise it will become frozen.

Many people are worried about making so much sugar, dare not eat, and worry about eating. There is actually a misunderstanding. The intake of sugar is not directly related to the incidence of obesity, and the intake of fat is closely related to obesity.


Many friends say that eating too much sugar will get diabetes. In fact, diabetes is caused by the damage of the islets. The damage to the islets causes the body’s ability to deal with sugar.

There are also dental caries to eat more sugar. In fact, if you eat sugar, you can brush your teeth in time to develop your mouth, develop good oral hygiene habits, and your teeth can be protected well.

In general, sugar exists as a sweet food, especially French fudge, which is really delicious. It can also be matched with different flavors of fruits to make it healthier. Let’s taste together.


French fudge

List of ingredients:

6 grams of oranges / apple glue 6 grams / 50 grams of sugar / 45 grams of corn syrup / sugar powder appropriate amount / manual juicer 1

Cooking steps



The oranges are half -cut, and the juice is squeezed out of the juice. Six oranges can just filter out 200 ml of orange juice. Add apple glue to the white sugar and mix well.

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Sichuan Qingjian citrus fruits fresh in the season, the whole box should pick oranges in the season 5/9 catties

¥ 29.9



Pour the juice into the pot, heat it to 40 degrees, pour the apple gum sugar, stir the sugar and the apple gel to melt, and stir it up to 120 degrees.


Add corn syrup and mix and mix well. Pour into the ice mold, and refrigerate the room temperature until solidified.


Those who have no corn syrup can use malt syrup, honey, and gloutic syrup to replace them. If you do n’t, buy sugar and eat it. Do n’t do it^_^

The candy mold I use here is an ice mold. Those who like other shapes can buy candy molds.


Sprinkle sugar powder at the bottom of the plate, sprinkle the solidified fudge, and wrap it with a layer of sugar powder. Because the weather is hot, it is not recommended to do too much, it is easy to melt.



When I was a kid, I loved this cute orange -yellow q orange fudge, sweetness.

Delicious presentation

The French orange fudge made with ice grid molds is inexplicable and cute. After sprinkling with sugar powder, there is no pressure, adults and children like it.


French fudge is the 671st food of Sister Juzi Cooking. In addition to cold dishes, ice cream, ice drink in summer, you can also prepare some candy snacks for yourself.

In addition to the delicious French fudge, the self -made is more important. It is safe and unsuitable. You can also buy all kinds of candy molds you like. You must try it at home. Food is worth sharing, life needs record, Juzi food notes are moving forward with you.


This picture is originally created by Juzi Foods. Each picture and each paragraph are taken and written with heart. I would like to grow together with you and live a healthy life. Your attention, reposting, and comments are the biggest encouragement and support for Sister Juzi. It is strictly forbidden to copy, stole pictures, infringement, and infringement must be investigated. The author reserves the right to investigate legal responsibility.

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