A white and flawless pure natural pearl takes a long time to form.Recently, an archeologist in Australia accidentally discovered a 2000 -year -old natural pearl. The preciousness and imagination can be imagined.

Australian scientists discovered this quite rare pearl on the 4th coast of Kimberley on the 4th.


University of Wollongong, Associate Professor Kat Szabo, said that when archaeologists were digging the site, they accidentally discovered this pearl of about 5 cm in diameter. Due to the very rare number of natural pearls, natural pearls were never found in Australia in the past. I did not expect this to this.The second time found such an ancient treasure.

Researchers studied pearls and used computer fault scanning to detect pearls. It also confirmed that this pearl was not artificially cultivated, but 100 % naturally generated.The pearl of the city will be exhibited in Western Australian Maritime Museum.

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