[Watch House Watch Recommendation] At present, the most common materials for making watches are steel (stainless steel, stainless steel), titanium, precious metals (gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum), etc. The characteristics of the species are also different. Of course, different materials are different, and naturally have become one of the key factors affecting the price of the watch.

The material from left to right watch is: stainless steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, gold

Among the many watch materials, there is a material that is considered a rising star in the watch world, which is ceramic. In recent years, more and more watch brands have produced a number of watches with ceramics as their main materials, and have been loved by watch friends. After several years of development, ceramic materials have become a widespread application of various watch brands. One of the materials.

RADO Swiss Radar Captain Cook Captain Cook Captain’s High -tech Ceramic Watch “Galaxy Cook”


High -tech ceramics, which is mainly based on high temperatures of mineral powder (powder particles less than 1 micron) at a high temperature of about 1500 ° C at a high temperature of about 1500 ° C. Like traditional Chinese ceramic products, it has stable physical and chemical properties. It is waterproof and high temperature and anti -corrosion. The surface is warm and flawless, which can exude a soft natural luster. Compared with the watches of stainless steel materials, the weight of ceramic watches is reduced by about 60%, and its hardness is about 10 times the stainless steel material, and the rust resistance and thermal resistance are good. Advantages of skin.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Integral Watch

With the heat of ceramic materials, in 2021, various brands have also launched a lot of ceramic watches. Today, I will take a look with you. If you are interested, let’s take a look.

Omega Haima series Domestic public prices: ¥ 69600

This Omega sea -horse series watch is slightly different in materials. It uses black ceramics that has been loved by watches in recent years. The case, the bezel, the ripple pattern dial, the crown, and the exhaust air valve are made of black oxidation ceramics, making the watch present a unique, harmonious unity and sculpture appearance. The integrated black rubber strap and black ceramic wing buckle make the appearance of the watch more exquisite and elegant. Through the window, the movement of the movement is clearly visible. By using the sapphire glass table back with ripple edges, you can enjoy the Omega 8806 to Zhen Observatory movement. This movement is equipped with a 55 -hour power reserve function to meet people’s daily needs.


Tudor Biwan Series M79210CNU-0001 Domestic Public Price: ¥ 35500


This Tudor Biwan series is the first all -ceramic watch in Tudor. When it was launched at the end of May, it can be said that everyone was amazing. The completely matte black ceramic case of the entire watch makes the watch is very textured. It is modified by the microfinage of sandblasting. The 41mm golden size, the unidirectional rotation outer ring is made of black PVD316L steel. Essence Perhaps in order to echo the color of the watch, Tudor puts the movement black. Through the backing design, it maintains the overallness of the watch visually. The watch is equipped with the original MT5602-1U type movement of the Tudor Watch, which can provide 70 hours of power storage with a waterproof performance of 200 meters.


Hublot Classic Fusion Series 507.cx.9000.RX.tak21 Domestic Public Price: ¥ 200300

This classic fusion series Murakami Murakami watches use Hublot’s iconic “full black” style, which is visually contagious. The watch is 45 mm in diameter. The case is made of satin and polished black ceramics. The back of the watch is also made of satin black ceramic, which greatly reduces the weight of the watch and increases the comfort of wearing. In order to present a more stunning “all -black” visual effect, the petals of the sun (456 diamonds) and the stamens (107 diamonds) are inlaid with black diamonds. The watch is equipped with a Hublot Factory’s homemade Unico movement, which can provide 72 -hour power storage.


Clain Machine Time Series AB0136251B1A2 Domestic Public Price: ¥ 72800


Among the super mechanical chronograph watches launched by Bailian Ling this year, the most unique design is this UTC super mechanical timing B01 watch. The highlight of this watch is that it embeds the UTC module driven by quartz movement in the roller stainless steel surface. Calibration. The watch is 44 mm in diameter and is made of fine steel inlaid with black ceramics. The watch is equipped with a century -old self -made 01 movement. This movement has a power storage of about 70 hours. The waterproof depth is 200 meters, which is quite cost -effective.


Radar inheritance series R32127162 Domestic public prices: ¥ 29900

Speaking of ceramic watches, the first thing many people think of is probably the radar watch. This radar Captain Cook series of high -tech ceramic watches use black high -tech ceramic integrated model case, with rose gold PVD plating stainless steel inlaid black high -tech ceramic rotating bezel. With the design and hollow dial, the watch value of the watch is quite high. The watch is equipped with a RADO R734 automatic mechanical movement,

IWC Wan Guo Table Pilot Series IW503004 Domestic Public Price: ¥ 264000

The design of the sandy ceramics of all countries first appeared at the Geneva watch exhibition in 2019. IWC released the special edition of the pilot series TOP GUN Flying Scheme “Mojov Desert”. The emergence of sand -colored ceramics can be said to have diversified watch design, which further enriches the product line of IWC. This large pilot Top Gun Naval Air combat forces “Mo Hohave Desert” special version of the watches of the perpetual calendar watch, which uses sand -colored ceramics to create a watch case. There are indeed special charm, especially the effects of the objects will be more brilliant. The watch is equipped with a 52.615 million nationally self -made movement, which can provide up to 168 hours of power storage.

Summary: Ceramic watches are compared to other materials. Its resistance to scratches, corrosion resistance should be better, more shiny and textured, comfortable and light, and will not cause skin allergies. This is also the material. The reason for admiration. Although there are many ceramic advantages, it is not without shortcomings. Although it has high hardness, it is not tough. They are afraid of falling and fear of bumps. Everyone should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance when we wear.

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