This year, Apple released the new iPad Pro. The performance has significantly improved compared to the previous generation. In addition to being upgraded on itself, the random accessories have also been improved -the standard 18W PD fast charger is equipped with a 18W PD charger. This is the first time that Apple has standard PD fast charger on iPad.

In recent days, Xiaobian has done a lot of compatibility tests on this charger. This charger has very good for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, and mainstream PD mobile power compatibility on the market. There is no “rollover” like the previous Apple 30W charger.

A few days ago, I arrived at a few Huawei mobile phones (Huawei P20 Pro, P10, Mate10). Xiaobian was ready to test today to see how compatibility of this charger for Huawei mobile phones.

涨姿势了!iPad 充电器可以给华为手机快充

Before starting, I still want to introduce this Apple 18W PD charger.

White PC material shell, highlight processing, single USB-C port design, inserted pin cannot be folded, the existence of the pin is matte gray, there are related product parameters: model: A1695, support 5V/3A, 9V/2A gear output.

About two -thirds of Apple 30W charger, carrying no pressure. Next test the protocol.

1. Protocol detection

The USB-C port, passed the Power-Z FL001S fast charge protocol test of Chargerlab, found that only the USB PD fast charge protocol; and the fast charge protocols such as Apple 2.4A, QC2.0, QC3.0, FCP, SCP.

涨姿势了!iPad 充电器可以给华为手机快充

PDO message

Continue to insert Power-Z FL001S, PDO packets are also called USB PD gear analysis in the industry. Here we can see from the PD protocol display that the two -gear voltage supports the two -speed work voltage, which are 5V/3A, 9V/2A, and the maximum power is 18W, which is consistent with the information on the charger case.

Third, compatible test

According to our previous test analysis, the three mobile phones of Huawei P20 Pro, P10, and Mate10 have three types of fast charging protocols, and Huawei ’s own SCP fast charge protocol, FCP fast charge agreement, and USB PD fast charging launched by USB IF organizations. protocol. So, can I use Apple 18W PD charger to give these three mobile phones fast charging? Let’s take a look together.

Use Apple 18W PD charger to charge the P20 Pro (the back of the back, 45%of the power), the voltage of 9.1V, the current 1.56A, the power of 14.26W, and the fast charging is turned on.

涨姿势了!iPad 充电器可以给华为手机快充

When the Huawei P10 (blue on the back, 48%of the power), the voltage is 9.1V, the current is 1.63A, the power is 14.85W, and the fast charge is turned on.

涨姿势了!iPad 充电器可以给华为手机快充

Find Huawei Mate 10 (Rose on the back, 61%of the electricity), 9.1V, current 1.59A, power 14.48W, fast charge opening.

涨姿势了!iPad 充电器可以给华为手机快充

Find Huawei Mate9 (silver on the back, 2%of the electricity), a voltage of 9.1V, a current 1.85A, a power of 16.86W, fast charging.

涨姿势了!iPad 充电器可以给华为手机快充

Test summary

涨姿势了!iPad 充电器可以给华为手机快充

Apple 18W PD charger compatibility is very good. When charging Huawei P20 Pro, P10, Mate10, Mate9, can successfully enter the fast charge mode, work in 9V gear, the power is between 14W ~ 17W.

涨姿势了!iPad 充电器可以给华为手机快充

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