On the evening of November 12th,


A man walked into a gold shop in Danyang,

Said to buy birthday gifts for my father.

Not long after,

A exclaim stabbed calm,

The man snatched a gold bracelet,

Get the door and escape!

According to the store staff, the man claimed that he wanted to buy a birthday gift for his father and asked the clerk to find a relatively heavy gold bracelet. The clerk took a 39.29 gram gold bracelet from the counter, and the price was more than 11,000 yuan. The man asked the clerk to put the bracelet on his hand in the name of the test.


After putting on the bracelet, the man was still holding on his hand, throwing it, and testing the bracelet. Unexpectedly, the next scene surprised everyone at the scene, and the man ran out of the door wearing a bracelet directly.

Seeing that he couldn’t catch up with the suspect, the clerk immediately returned to the store to call the police. After retracting the gold shop monitoring, the police found that the suspect was quite cunning: this person has been wearing masks and hats, and he cannot distinguish who he is.

Can’t see the characteristics of the facial features, the police transferred the investigation direction, tracked the suspect’s escape route, and found that the suspect changed the transportation many times in a row to evade the investigation.

After the secret deployment, on December 17, the Danyang police arrested the suspect Xu. Xu explained that he had a temporary intention that day, his mind was hot, and he committed stupid things.


After investigation, Xu had sold the gold bracelet to Wuxi for more than 10,000 yuan. At present, Xu has been given a bail pending trial for suspected crime.

Fake the robbery in the name of my father,


Doesn’t your conscience hurt? Intersection

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