With the improvement of modern living standards, bath towels are almost a necessity for our modern life. After taking a shower every day, dry the water on your body. So what is the correct usage of bath towels? How to wrap the bath towel? Let’s introduce it: How to wrap the towel will not fall.

How to wrap the bath towel:

1. Common sense of bath towels

In the wrap towel, most of the water will remain between the yarn and the yarn. We know that bamboo fiber bath towels are generally better than water absorption than other fabric bath towels. This is because bamboo fiber bath towels can directly absorb the water into the fiber. Everyone must determine the quality of bath towels when buying a bath towel. It depends on the quality of the bath towels. First of all, you should look at whether the coil is thick and tight. Generally, it is thick and tight. It has more yarns and can absorb the water on the body. In addition, when cleaning the towel, be washing separately from other clothes because the coil of the bath towel may be destroyed.

Types of bath towels

We see that there are still many types of bath towels on the market, such as plush wrapped bath towels, velvet wrap towels, bamboo fiber wrap towels and printed wrap towels, and so on. Bath towels with different materials have different properties. For example, velvet wrap towels are similar to plush bath towels, but the coil will become shorter after trimming. Wrap the velvet bath towels should be close to the skin that is not velvete, which will absorb the water of the body faster.

How to use bath towels

生活攻略 你知道浴巾怎么裹才不会掉吗

If you want to make a bath towel not easy to fall, you should be familiar with the method of wrap towels. First of all, a small piece of the wrapped tissue is folded out of the width side, then wrapped on the body, and wrapped it at the end. This small side is usually between 5-10 cm. Mastering the wrapping method of wrapped towel correctly, we don’t have to worry about the problem of falling in a bath towel.

Fourth, alternative use of bath towels

We know that in order to absorb water quickly, it still has a certain thickness. Therefore, in addition to wrapping the water on the body, it can also be used as pajamas, which is convenient and warm. In addition, wrap towels can also be used as blankets. When you are not sleeping when watching TV, you can use a bath towel as a small blanket to prevent a cold. Similarly for the baby, wrapped towels are also very practical. Usually, the special quilt of the baby is very expensive, and the quilt of the home is relatively heavy. At this time, the bath towel can be sent in handy.

Pay attention to bath towels

生活攻略 你知道浴巾怎么裹才不会掉吗

1. Dedicated

Personal use of bath towels is a personal item. Different people’s bath towels must be separated to prevent local skin diseases from infecting the whole body, and it is also an effective way to prevent cross -infection.

2. Regular disinfection

After bathing, rinse with bath gels and water, and then wrap the whole body with a bath towel, which can reduce the adhesion of the dirty body to the bath towel. After the towel is used up, it should be dried in time. Boil it with boiling water for 10 minutes every week. It should be ventilated at the hanging place. It is best to dry or dry in time. You must be boiled and disinfected without common bath towels to avoid moldy.

3. Replace in time

Some bath towels will carry a large number of bacteria at the same time after using it for a period of time. In order to protect our health, Xiaobian recommends that you must change the bath towel regularly!

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生活攻略 你知道浴巾怎么裹才不会掉吗

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