It is often asked about the problem of buying fake watches online. Some people even said that there are too many fakes online. It is fake when buying a waves. I asked him, how much did you spend? He said that more than 1,000, caught up with the brand for a 10 % off activities.


Then I said, then don’t blame others when you buy a fake watch, just blame yourself for being too greedy and cheap. If Longqin can be sold on the Internet at a discount on the Internet, then Langqin’s offline storefront will fall.

This is a traditional series of Langqin watchmaking series L2.628.4.78.6 watches. This watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement with a stainless steel material with a date display function. The diameter is 38.5 mm. 15400 yuan (based on the actual price).

In fact, this is a basic common sense. It is impossible for any well -known big -name watch to sell its own watches unless it does not want to do it.

I remember that Ma Yun said on the issue of buying online to fake goods: Some people always buy 58 yuan and buy more than 100,000 hundred thousand Rolex watches. No one can avoid buying fake goods.

This is a Rolex cosmic gauge Ditonga series 116500LN-78590 white disk watch. This watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement. The case and the bracelet are all 904L stainless steel. , Waterproof 100 meters, the reference price is 95,000 yuan (based on the actual price).

Although this sentence is somewhat aggressive for the responsibility of the online shopping platform regulatory review, it is really common to buy genuine famous brands if you want to spend little money, but it should be noted that since you want to blindly want to be cheap, you want to be cheap, and you want to be cheap. It is necessary to bear the possible price for this.

Another thing to pay attention to is that although Ma Yun raised the example of Rolex, because Rolex is larger than the name of Longines, the contrast of formation is even greater, but the starting price like Longines is around 10,000 or so. Watchs are often more “confused”. For example, “one -fold special offer” is more confusing than “0.1 % off”.

In fact, for those big names you are familiar with or known, don’t say how high the cost of making the watch is, just for you, and more people know, familiar with, and have goodwill. The space for its price is not very large, unless it is the “famous watch” of other people in the cottage.

Regarding the price of the watch, there is a saying that “a penny, one penny, and a three -pointer for three points” circulated in the room. Although this expression is not exaggerated, it also shows that the price of the watch is “high and high. There are often valuable “intermediate” costs behind it, that is, sales channels, advertising public relations and other costs.


Most watch factories earn an average profit, not the “huge profits” other than “three -pointers”.


However, for many watches big names, its second -watches are not valuable, and their depreciation is 50%or more. For many big names, it is normal.

Therefore, if you buy a genuine big -name watch for relatively cheap, you may wish to consider their used watches.

In short, don’t want to lose a lot of money.

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