The Chinese entertain guests, go to the national banquet, and go to daily hospitality. They all pay attention to a “guest to return”. The establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries has a significant impact internationally, and gifts from the two parties also reflect friendly exchanges. When Nixon visited China in 1972, Nixon and Chairman Mao had a misunderstanding due to gifts:


At that time, Chairman Mao’s gift contained 4 two tea leaves. Nixon thought that my country was rich in tea, but only gave himself four or two, thinking that this was disrespect for himself.

As we all know, Nixon’s visit to China is a representative incident of ice -breaking relations between China and the United States. To this end, Premier Zhou Enlai and Zhou personally held a number of preparations for preparations to emphasize that the preparations need to be meticulous and serious. The meeting was all lost.

After Nixon’s plane arrived at the airport, he reached out his hand before he got off the aircraft’s side chair to show respect. It is worth mentioning that in order to show equality between the two countries, he also asked Premier Zhou’s dress, and he must be similar.

The most typical way to express friendship is to send gifts from both sides. Nixon’s visit to China has brought many exquisite gifts. The gift he gave to Chairman Mao was a delicate ceramic swan. Chairman Mao also prepared a gift for him, including 4 “big red robes” tea.

Seeing this gift, Nixon was suddenly incredible:

The gift of gifts in the dignitaries is so light. Is this disrespect for me or not taking me seriously?

When Premier Zhou saw the changes in the expression of the president of the United States in front of him, and realized his inner activities, he said with a smile: “Don’t look at the number of tea leaves, this is half of the mountains!” In a word, easily resolved Nixon’s dissatisfaction.

Why does Premier Zhou say that? Those who often taste tea may know the “big red robe” tea. This kind of tea is extremely rare, and the price is so high that it is staggering. In particular, Chairman Mao gave Nixon’s Dahongpao, which produced his own country Wuyi Rock. This is the boutique in Dahongpao’s boutiques. The output of the whole country is only eight or two. The chairman’s sincerity is full of sincerity.

It may not be intuitive to describe the rare preciousness of Dahongpao in terms of quantity. What extent is the rarity of the big red robe mother tree? It is understood that its mother tree has only three plants in the country to this day. Even if it is not the boutiques as the boutique sent by the chairman, the output of all the red robes is less than two pounds a year, not to mention, the mother tree can still be suffered The most lovely protection of the PLA warrior -these are enough to reflect the preciousness of the big red robe tea.

The big red robe produced by Wu Yiyan has such a poem describing it: “Things are rare, and tea is made because of less. The boutique tea with less than two pounds of output is very cherished even if Chairman Mao’s status is very cherished. If it is not encountered a very important VIP, it will definitely not show people easily.

Therefore, Chairman Mao gave Nixon to Nixon, which was not only indifferent to him, but also regarded it as a very important guest. is you!”


In addition to a misunderstanding at the gift, what the leaders of Chairman Mao Zhou and other national leaders moved by Nixon’s respect for Sino -US relations. For example, Nixon began to learn how to use chopsticks for a long time before visiting China for a long time, which made Chairman Mao and others very moved. Respect is mutual: During the meal, the “Beautiful Aslega” sounded in the banquet hall, which was performed by the People’s Republic of China People’s Liberation Army Orchestra, which was the song played by Nixon when the president was inaugurated.

When you come to China, “not to the Great Wall is not a good man.” Nixon also visited the Great Wall with Premier Zhou and others and experienced the magnificent buildings; I went to the Forbidden City and experienced ancient buildings with a long history. People feel the momentum and connotation that belongs to China.

In addition to architecture, my country’s “national treasure” giant panda is also loved by Mrs. Nixon, and she euphemistically put forward the desire to bring giant pandas back to the United States. Of course, this wish was realized by Premier Zhou: After the two giant pandas arrived in Washington, they immediately set off a “panda fever” in the United States.

Both China and the United States showed their sincerity in this meeting. It was this visit to China that Sino -US relations broke the “non -contact” over the past 25 years. China and the United States signed the Sino -US Joint Communist Party in Shanghai. The bulletin showed that the United States evacuated all US armed forces and military facilities in Taiwan, and acknowledged that Taiwan is part of my country -this is a great victory in China’s diplomatic history Essence

When Nixon was about to return, he held Premier Zhou’s hand and said earnestly: “


This is a very pleasant interview. I deeply hope that I can come to China one day in the future.

“It is worth mentioning that when Nixon arrived at the airport, he held Premier Zhou’s hand for the first time and said,”

Holding our hands, it means that one era is over, and the other era is about to begin.


There is no doubt that Nixon’s visit to China not only represents the formal ones of China and the United States, but also opened a new door for China and the United States and even the world’s diplomatic situation. Nixon’s visit to China this time has allowed many national leaders to change their attitude towards China. Among them, the Minister of Japanese Prime Minister was invited to visit China and issued a joint statement that China and Japan have since established diplomatic relations.

Nixon’s visit to China has ended the economic blockade and sanctions of China, led by the United States for more than 20 years. As Premier Zhou and Nixon said: “Our hand stretches over the world’s widest ocean! “At that time, China may not be a good partner in the eyes of the United States, but it is undoubtedly the most potential partner. The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States may be amazing at the time, but it represents the ice break of Sino -US relations. Improvement has strengthened the connection between China and the major developed countries in the world, and the relationship has also been improved. It has also made a good pavement for future reform and opening up.


Sometimes the occurrence of one thing may not be seen at the time, but in the future, it can be developed at a surprising speed. The importance of Nixon’s visit to China has long explained in the historical textbooks of middle schools. my country is now flourishing and ranked among the world’s power.

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