Micro-wave oven

As a lazy home appliance, it seems to bring a lot to people’s lives.


the elements of–


This time, we will tell you through the real measurement of the real person,

How should the microwave oven be used!

1. The use of microwave ovens

01 Food is crispy

Biscuits, potato chips, melon seeds, peanuts … these fragrant and crispy


Eat immediately. When you open it once, you can’t finish it. Next time you want to eat it again, the snacks will become tide and soft.

It’s a pity that it is difficult to eat it, it’s a pity to throw it away … Don’t be afraid, the microwave oven is coming!

Mid -low fire microwave 1 minute

, Then let it cool. You are worth having a fragrant and crispy snack!

02 Dry Dry

Mushroom mushrooms, fungus, kelp and so on

Dry goods

, I always forget to soak my hair in advance. Temporary soak is at least 1 hour, sad!

If you use a microwave oven, it is simple, so immerse it directly in cold water.

High -temperature microwave 2 ~ 3 minutes

You can soak it easily.

03 fried eggs

Breakfast hurried

Fried egg

, Always fail? Afraid of oil splashing on the face? Is it too much trouble to brush the pot?


Do n’t be afraid when you have a microwave oven: brush some oil in the dish, knock a egg, use a toothpick to poke a few holes on the egg yolk,

1 and a half of the medium fire

You can harvest a perfect poached egg!

04 steamed corn

I want to eat some coarse grains,

Cooked corn

It takes at least 20 minutes, time is time -consuming and laborious!

The microwave oven is completely different.

5 minutes high fire

It can be completely familiar. One word: Quick!

05 hot steamed bun

Hot buns, hot buns

At the time of, the bottom will always become sticky and wet, affecting the taste.


In fact, this is also a small problem: cold steamed buns sprinkle some pure water,

1 minute of medium fire

It will become super soft, and I am no longer afraid of sticky!

Second, the taboo of the microwave oven


After speaking, the little tricks, but the microwave oven operation is also easy to cause

Security risks

For example, the following:


01 closed food with shell

The Chinese do not lie to the Chinese! Heat with microwave oven


, Such as eggs, chestnuts, etc., will really explode!

Because the food with shells will be unevenly heated during heating, and there will be excessive pressure in the interior. Once the limit exceeds the limit, the pressure will be released and explosion.


even though


Boiled eggs that peeled the shell

No! Our colleagues used the microwave oven to heat the boiled eggs. When we took it out, it was okay. When we bite, it exploded and caught off guard! As a result, the lips were severely injured, and I swelled for a long time …


Tin foil paper/aluminum foil paper



Tin foil, aluminum foil

Takeaway packaging and boxed milk should not be placed in the microwave oven to heat it. If the time is slightly, it will directly fire!

The correct approach should be

Remove the packaging, pour out the milk and heat it before heating


Don’t be troublesome!


03 metal tableware


Metal has a reflection effect on microwave

Heating will make the heat efficiency lower and uneven heating. Microwaves and metal contacts will form high -frequency electrical sparks, and in severe cases, they will also damage the inner biliary of the microwave oven.


When the microwave oven is heated,

Should be preferred for ceramics and glass materials


Don’t bring gold, silver lace


; Stainless steel lunch box, don’t use a microwave oven!

04 Plastic lunch box

We all know that ordinary plastic containers will deform, and even toxic substances will be precipitated. But most of the takeaway and lunch boxes are mostly made of plastic materials. Can these be heated?

In the above plastic material,

PP 5 (polypropylene)

As well as


Part of No. 7 material, such as PPSU (polybine resin) can be used for microwave heating

However, PPSU materials are often used in bottle and water bottle. The bottlenecks are relatively narrow. It is not recommended for microwave heating, which may expand due to pressure and cause explosion.

Some plastic wrap marked on the outer packaging that “can withstand high temperatures of 180 ° C” and “not for microwave heating” and other slogans should be checked carefully; if there is heating needs,

You need to choose PE, PVDC, and PMP plastic wrap that can be used for microwave resistance.

Finally, all the content mentioned in the article is also summarized into a summary

Two pictures, welcome everyone to hold and save

The elderly in the family are using a microwave oven, you can also print it down and stick it on the side for convenience to view it at any time ~

What else do you have in your life


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