Abstract: Recently, more and more people pay attention to health issues. Among them, bacterial treatment has always been a topic that people are keen to care. Many people don’t know that what they use every day turned out to be a bacterial dine -bath towel. What I want to say today is the scientific use and choice of bath towels.


Many people feel “because of the clean body, so the bath towel is not dirty.” I do n’t know that the bacteria are amazing! That’s because the bath towel is in a humid state, which will cause a large amount of bacteria. Such bath towels can cause various skin problems when they are used.

It is almost impossible to dry it after each use. Even after cleaning each time, it is difficult to remove the bacteria on the bath towel, so the bath towels need to be replaced every 3 months. So we need to buy some bath towels that can be replaced:


1. Mao Rao Big Bath towel


Because the bath towels are very large, it is a bit troublesome to wash, and many people are not as diligently cleaning the towel like cleaning the towels. This leads to the breeding of bacteria and attached to the body.

Class A baby standard to make adult bath towels, which is safer to use. The touch of the bath towel is very soft and very absorbent. The dense double -sided weaving method, the yarn is firm and stable, without hair loss and color.

2. F7 five -star hotel big bath towel

The bacteria on the bath towel may cause skin diseases, and the health of the family is a super invisible problem. This is a big bath towel for five -star hotels, and it is also a brand guarantee for many years.


It is derived from the century -old European royal brand. It is stitched by hand -made stitches. It uses the exquisite royal logo campaign embroidery. You can also experience the after -after experience of a five -star hotel at home. It is a pure and safe active printing and dyeing process. It is so rigorous that it does not fade without coloring and no odor.

3. Sanli bath towel


Bath towels will make various oils, dandruff, dust, sweat, etc. accumulated on it. If it is replaced from time to time, bacteria will multiply. The selection and weaving method of material can also inhibit the speed of bacterial breeding.


The raw materials of Sanli bath towels come from Xinjiang long velvet cotton, because the cotton itself has a good water absorption and breathable effect. With the tight textile techniques, the bath towels are large and thick, and the skin is comfortable and water -absorbing.

4. Xiaomi bath towel

I also admire Xiaomi’s involved scope, and even bath towels have come out. This most life bath towel is about the same size as the average, but the most intuitive feeling is much thicker than them.

The 100%new cotton cotton in Xinjiang Ava is used. The length of the cotton fiber is much larger than that of ordinary long velvet cotton, making it better absorbent. Its water absorption speed is several times that of ordinary towels.

5. HM HOME bath towel

After busy all day, after returning home, I was comfortable to take a hot bath, which was really a happy thing. HM Home’s bath towels have a lot of color choices, which are very suitable for beautiful selfies.

Famous brands with low price and cheap price, coils are particularly dense, but they are very neat and strong, without cluttered lines. It belongs to a thinner bath towel, which is very comfortable in summer.

6. Grathida bath towel

The Japanese really do well for such details. Like this beyle bath towel, it is a recommended supplies for the Japan Affairs Association. It is also a high -end towel in Japan. It is very popular.

Like I am most afraid of using hair tissue, there will be a feeling of rubbing mud? After receiving the shamporal bath towel, I will try it with hand and dry it. Special magic twisting technology, as long as you touch the skin gently, you can absorb water without wiping it back and forth. It will not hurt the skin ~

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