Wallet is a symbol of a man’s taste. Previously, the wallet was only used to install money. The function was relatively single. With the progress of the times, the mobile phone has spread to 5.5 inches or larger, and there are more and more various cards. Therefore Wallets are also born. Now the wallet is not just a wallet. The large capacity inside can be easily placed. The bill certificate is done, and it is easy to travel. The following is a few large -capacity wallet recommended by Xiaobian for everyone. The gentlemen who like it can take a look at it, and it is absolutely noodle to take it out!


Men’s zipper leather wallet

The design of this wallet is very intentional in craftsmanship. It is made of cowhide imported from Italy. The leather is soft and delicate, and the feel is also great. The abrasion resistance is very good. It can be used for a long time. The design of the time, the position of the four corners of the wallet is made of imported zinc alloy materials. It is not easy to rust. The zipper bite is more firm, smooth and smooth, and the practical space inside is very large. Travel


Vertical cowhide wallet

This wallet is made of imported head layer cowhide. The material is soft and delicate, the resistance to abrasion is very durable, and the inside is full of card design. The capacity is huge. You can easily put down cash and mobile phone. Ball, calmly show the men’s gentleman style, the long design is simple and atmospheric, you can choose a variety of models, don’t miss it if you like it

Ultra -thin soft leather wallet


The ultra -thin cowhide wallet, which is made of retro cowhide imported from Italy, feels soft, can be handled at will, the texture on the wallet is also very delicate, showing the natural style of cowhide. The minimalist design is suitable for various occasions. There are mobile phones inside. The design of the position can store Apple mobile phones, double -layer leather bags, wear -resistant and folding, full personality, hidden card slot design in the wallet, convenient and practical, inside the inside


Long leather wallet

The wallet is made of high -quality head layer cowhide, soft and delicate, resistant and durable, and the new skin surround manufacturing process has no oil edges. It is clearly written between the round and fullness. Fighting and durable is not beautiful and elegant. There are banknotes, card positions, phases, and design are very practical. The texture is very practical. use

Multi -card men’s wallet


The wallet is made of delicate cowhide, which is comfortable and soft, and is particularly abrasion -resistant. Multi -functional zipper, hardware is made of cowhide, practical wear -resistant, multi -cable line design, three -dimensional feel is great, the material of the wallet has also has the material of the wallet, the material of the wallet has also has the material of the wallet. The effect of waterproofing is very practical. The multi -layer card design, cool and stylish


Crazy Horse Leather Wallet

The wallet is made of crazy horse leather, which is messy and orderly on the surface. The wear resistance of the wallet is also great. Several color systems are relatively retro, with built -in large capacity design. Card, ultra -thin material is also very convenient. Double -car wire sewing, not easy to open the line, it will take a long time, very simple design

Preparation pattern wallet

Fashionable modeling pattern wallets, exquisite workmanship, delicate texture, flexible and stylish, wallet adopts a long -lasting durable alloy zipper, easily bite, pulls smoothly, is not easy to oxidize and fade, built -in multi -functional card position, clear level, can be very good, can be very good Keep your portable items, superb car workers sewing craftsmanship, neatly arranged, strong and durable, very simple wallet, showing men’s gentleman style

Business Fan casual wallet

A very stylish wallet, which is made of two -layer skin, is soft and delicate, anti -slip and durable, simple design trend and fashion. Function card position design, convenient and practical, long design, traveling and holding are also very noodles, the inside zipper is long and smooth, freely and free, don’t miss it if you like it

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