One -to -17 -year -old twin sisters


The “prize wallpaper” in the home is amazing

In the video, the two sisters are sitting in bed and studying carefully

But the background is very windy

It turns out that my mother has award the sisters from childhood to large prizes

All are posted on the wall

A whole wall

Become the most “horizontal” wallpaper

Mom said

Now both children are studying in high school

There will be an college entrance examination in one year

Regardless of the final result

Do not regret your efforts now

Children must do their best


“Private customization” wallpaper, do you want to have the same model?

1 Daughter’s “card card” shows the prize of the award that makes Dad overjoyed


Recently, a student of the “card” display of the students after the middle school exam in Hebei Handan

Dad can’t hold his mouth with a smile

Child dad said

After the daughter said after the exam, I said to surprise myself

Seeing these prizes is particularly gratified

The child’s efforts are indeed returned

Netizens have praised the little girl excellent when they see this

At the same time, I am also proud of my father


Taking care of my younger brother while learning 2 also received 10 awards


A fifth grade girl in Pingtang, Guizhou

In just 3 months

A total of 10 awards were harvested

“This is to go to school to purchase

Who wholesale from the class teacher “

Hearing everyone’s praise

The little girl turned her head embarrassed

But it is hard to hide the smile on the face

Because parents go out to work all year round


The little girl is studying at the same time

Also take care of your younger brother

It’s great to study life!

3 Just here to receive a prize


But it has become my home

Not long ago, a school commendation video of a school in Ankang, Shaanxi Province

Get a lot of netizens like

In the video, the teacher presented the first place to each discipline

One of the students got 6

A total of 7


This student took the certificate one by one

Finally, I took it slowly and stacked slowly

Boys shy turn their heads

But I can’t hide the smile on my face

Attribute a classmate for a while


The majority of netizens shouted: “It’s a personal commendation meeting!”


“The exam is very good, leave some students for other students”

At the end of the year, you have the wallpaper of “private customization”, do you have it too?

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