Do friends who usually like to watch street shooting have noticed that recently female stars and fashion bloggers have been updated in the bag.


Unlike the previous situation of a style of Carry, this time their PICK’s handbags can be said to have their own advantages.


There are not only shoulder bags, fashionable and versatile mini bags, but also weaving bags suitable for vacation, etc., together with a complete “Temptation of Handbag”.

Today, the editor was found out of the commonly used bags of fashionable essence


6 handbags worth starting

, Recently, sisters who have a package plan can come and pick out the styles I like ~

Not much to say, let’s take a look together.



Ava logo print handbag

This year, Celine can be said to be full of firepower. Several bags such as underarm bags, shoulder bags, TOTE BAG, etc. have killed the siege, capturing a large number of fashionable and fine hearts.

Among them, the hottest is LISA’s favorite AVA printed handbag. Many of the daily styles of LISA are used to match it.

Ava logo print handbag ¥ 11500


The material of this handbag selected the artificial leather and cowhide wrap. The feel is not as soft as sheepskin handbags, but the advantage is that it is not so delicate and more resistant.

Compared to the big -name handbags that are 20,000 to 30,000, the price of AVA handbags is in the early 10,000, which is relatively low in starting the threshold.

It looks small, and it is actually pretending.

Putting card clips, headphones, lipsticks are completely fine, and daily backs are quite practical.

The half -monthly bag type is different from other armpits. Based on the classic printing blessing, with the simplest clothes, you can wear a casual and handsome feeling.

There are almost one hand in this handbag at home and abroad, which is enough to see how fragrant it is in the fashion industry.

Left: Kaia Gerber Right: Kimura Guangxi


Bottega veneta

The CRISSCROSS handbag


As a dark horse in the handbag industry, last year Bottega Veneta produced a lot of explosive handbags, such as Pouch handbags, Arco handbags …

Beauty is really beautiful, but it can make people feel “not so BV”. Many people are still wondering. Could it be that the tight and compact weaving elements are not popular?

Of course not. This year, the brand’s iconic IntRCCiato weaving element “kills” back!


When the CrissCross Bag first appeared in the show, the editor called OMG.

It presents the brand’s iconic weaving element, which makes rolled silhouettes through soft leather strips, which is very recognizable.

Especially the spoil model on the left is too distinctive, it is simply a fashionable concave weapon.

When attending the event, Tong Yao took the streaming money, paired with a khaki shirt and bright drilling trousers. The aura was full.


For ordinary people, the tassel model may be a bit not convenient to take it in normal times, and the basic model is much practical.

Each has five colors, which can choose sufficient space.


This handbag is especially suitable for handbags with dresses.


Participate in the annual meeting (although there are still several months, but you may wish to consider it in advance), or use it to make a concave shape, it is absolutely stable.



Saint Laurent

Le 5 à 7 handbag

Are there any people who have not been laurent’s le 5 à 7 kinds of grass?

The more and more beautiful handbags, the mortal is hard to fall in love!

On Le 5 à 7 handbags, it has a lot of explosive handbag advantages.


It uses the most in HOBO style in the package type. The side is narrow on the side and is just stuck in the armpit, which is simple and neat.


The bag is embedded with Saint Laurent iconic logo, which is full of high -level sense.

The point is that it can be matched with various styles, leisure and sports, and now it has become a must -have for Hailey’s outlet.

There is also this in the bags of Yang Mi and Liu Wen. Is there a simple and chIC sense of jio?



Super Mini Lady Dior


In the second half of this year, Dior launched a series of super mini -handbags, all of which are Dior’s classic models. At first glance, everyone sighed: What is the cuteness of the world?


Even Lady Dior, which has always been known for its elegant, has become more lively after becoming a super mini -size size.

Left: Lady Dior, Middle: Dior saddle bag, right: Dior Caro

Lady Dior handbag is made by Dior craftsmanship, as the craftsman said:


“Lady Dior is like a building work, which is equally important in the internal and external structure! Because of each link, different technical skills, so the classic imprint left on each line and each line is not replaced by the cold machine.”

The production process of handbags is usually very complicated, and it takes at least 8 hours of production to complete.


Don’t look at the size of the handbag, but the workmanship still insists on Lady Dior’s consistent exquisiteness. Each knife, every needle, and every step is extremely accurate and not bad.


Lady Dior in the past often gives people a mature feeling, and little girls may not have the charm.


This super mini Lady Dior will not be at all. The slap is young and energetic, and it is very energetic in itself ~

Super mini Lady Dior handbags are carefully made of sheepskin. The surface is decorated with rattan grid lines and iconic “D.I.O.R.” to enhance the style.


However, it is high -profile, but it is even more versatile. Regardless of the vitality, the little girl style or the mature big woman style, it can hold it.




Raffia tote bag

This summer, Prada’s woven TOTE BAG is simply a screen -style existence, and the appearance is high!


The handbag comes from the Prada Out DOOR series. It is created in a rough manner in the manner of Lafite. It has the fluffy sense of wool and the literary temperament of a straw bag.

The Bao body embroidered with the “Prada Milano” letter, and also retained Prada’s inverted triangle logo, which is in place.

TOTE BAG does not have to worry about the capacity. Prada’s handbag is not only large in capacity, but also very light weight.

It can be installed lightly, so the bloggers love to go out.

There are five colors in this handbag, and almost every color has been picked by bloggers, which is not as fashionable.

Sisters with a travel plan can prepare one in advance, but it is impossible to create a vacation wind.




FIRST handbag


In July of this year, FENDI created an Italian -style neon mirror party in Chengdu. Half of the entertainment industry came to help out.


The female star present was almost a Fendi FIRST handbag, which is enough to see everyone!


Left: Zhang Liangying Right: The-9 Kong Xueer

In fact, when this handbag just appeared in the FENDI 2021 autumn and winter women’s clothing series, many people predicted that it would become the next IT BAG.

The asymmetric F letter is very recognizable, so that people can see at a glance that this is the bag of Fendi.

The brand logo “F” into the design through decorative art is not high -profile, but it is very advanced.

The handbag looks like a coin purse from the outside. It removed the flip and zipper. The opening and closing design is quite special.

The handbags have two sizes two and medium numbers. The trumpet is relatively practical, and the size is very suitable. Basically, it can meet everyone’s daily needs.

Left: Fendi first small handbag, right: fendi first handbag


The size of the middle number is larger, and the small back is easy to press the height, and it is recommended to Gao Mei with a height of above 170.

FENDI FIRST’s handbags are quite wide and stylish. At first glance, it seems that only the right mature girl can control it. In fact, it is not. Sweet girls and cool girls are still very colorful.

There is no seasonal restriction on this handbag. Whether it is a summer hot girl or a warm jacket in autumn and winter, it is OK.


Don’t worry that it will be idle, this is pretty wonderful ~

For many girls, a handbag that looks good is the coffee that is indispensable in the morning, and the unexpected rainbow on the sky after the rain.


The classic models have lasting, and the new models have emerged endlessly. Whoever does not want ALL in if economic permits are allowed?


In so many handbags, which one can hit you best? Welcome to leave a message to share ~

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