#What to wear today#




There are always unclear changes, especially in


Under the cover of the skirt, the style of the skirt is always endless like the spring bamboo shoots. The match between the skirts will have a lot of unexpected charm, and there will be many unexpected problems.

Many women face so many options

Skirt style,

It is often caught in a choice difficulty, and some women will always make when they face the choice

the wrong decision making


In fact, the selection of skirts requires more strategies. It is also based on understanding yourself and skirt design concepts. You can use daily choice of skirts.

Suitable for matching.


If you are attending the event, you can choose some of the more eye -catching styles, like the skirt style of the small S and the related matching method like her own

Personality portrayal.

It can show all her personality and the charm of her figure, and this kind of dress is also compared

Interesting and beautiful

Skirt style recommendation–

Love collar splicing long skirt

Little S wore a skirt very much, and the pink stitching was very ambiguous, and the charm was unstoppable. Women can first determine the overall design style of the skirt they want when choosing a skirt. There will be many popular styles of skirts, and some will have been in the trend of popularity.

Classic elements.

Like classical gorgeous skirts, many fashion designers also like in modern society. Such skirts will have some

The feeling of retro,

At the same time, the design and element combination


Very gorgeous.

It should be noted that the hollow design has a strong sense of design, so you can try simple when matching the skirt style

Basic design,

This will make the elements of clothing more

Refreshing and clear.

The style of this neckline is sexy with some in the sexy

Cute and playfulness

In terms of shape, it will be relatively obvious. The combination of the square collar and the function of the V -neck can not only show the neat

Clavicle line

You can also use it

Soft and sexy

The upper circumcision curve is displayed.

This classical style skirt is put on the model

Relatively complete

Matching often

Long sleeve and waist


For many people, many people will worry about whether such long skirts will make their bodies become figure

More burly

In fact, the tailoring of the skirt is


More thin.

And the design of the stitching will also make the proportion of the figure.

Obvious optimization

In terms of color and details of classical style stitching skirts

Rich and expensive


Sleeveless hollow shoulder short skirt

The hollow elements often appear in the clothing of young women, and there are many types of hollow design. Young women can choose styles and styles to relative


Fashionable style

For example, irregular hollow, or the hollow of styling will make the skirt

The style is strong.

You can try the sleeveless design in the style

Shoulder dress

The slim style with the diagonal hollow of the front placket will make the hollow design more sense of existence, and it will also

More sexy.

Color recommendation of skirts-


Many women prefer the delicate colors. The characteristics of this kind of color are to make people imagine beauty

Romantic flower

For example, pink is one of them, pink is

Peach blossom and cherry blossom

s color.

This color is very romantic and beautiful, and it is strong to wear on the body.

Age -reducing effect

, But pink is a relatively young color for mature women. When matching skirts, you need to combine with some other elements to compare


Natural effect.

For example, pink can create a noble and gorgeous texture with the gorgeous design combination, and it can also be combined with light colors to create a fresh sense of age.


Many more popular skirts are as a whole

Pretty beautiful

There are also some skirts with color presented by color, which is very positive, just like red is biased towards

Bright and magnificent

The color, this color is very good for women’s complexion and complexion

Setting off.

You can try when choosing a red skirt

Some dignified styles,

There are also many occasions applicable to such skirts, like some annual meetings, or a red skirt in the New Year’s party, it is also very

There is an atmosphere.

Tips for matching skirts-

Matching one: splicing skirt+flower collar

Xiao S’s figure is really suitable for wearing skirts. It is very personal with a flower circle, and the mushroom head is not tacky. The fashion sense of skirt is basically designed according to the skirt itself, but there are also some skirts that require overall accessories to achieve

More complete

The design effect, like a classic style

Switching long skirt.

Both color and style design

More tender

It is also very stylish. Such skirts need to be matched with some accessories that meet the overall style.

More perfect.

For example, the collar of the flower shape, or the flowers headgear and earrings, will add a lot to the skirt

Beautiful and exquisite

a feeling of.

Match two: vertical stripes+flower bud skirts

Little S has always been a variety goddess in the minds of many people. Her image in the show is often


Thinking agile and humorous

, Every time she appears, the shape is also very good

Fashionable and changing

Yes, some of her wear not only looks


And it is very strong for the shape of the figure. The skirt style of Little S often has an obvious design style and


This type is also compared to many people


Like and yearn

The skirts of striped elements are generally belonging to

Neutral and handsome

Style, but this element with the design of the bud skirt and the style of the shoulder will be strong

Personal conflict.

This type of skirt has full and rich

Sense of space

, Temperament is also biased towards

Ancient spirit monster



It should be noted that the hollow design has a strong sense of design, so you can try simple when matching the skirt style

Basic design,


This will make the elements of clothing more

Refreshing and clear.



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