Summary: On July 24, 2014, the three -day 14th CBME children’s clothing exhibition ended perfectly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. “At the exhibition site, NEEZA Shark’s clothing carried out on the scene” Small Hand Shaking · Gifts away “WeChat followed the event, cheering, and the atmosphere of the scene pushed the atmosphere on the climax again and again.

On July 24, 2014, the three -day 14th CBME Children’s Fair ended perfectly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition is unprecedented, with more than 1,700 exhibitors and more than 2,500 maternity and infant brands on the spot, providing an industry exchange event for more than 65,000 professional audiences from all over the world. Children’s fashion life advocate brand -Neeza

NEEZA乐鲨CBME童装展光彩绽放 好评如潮

Legodon clothing

With the 2014 autumn and winter new products, it has bloomed in W5, and became the focus of the exhibition. It has been favored by the attention of dealer friends and consumers, and has praised the tide.

At the CBME exhibition over the years, Neeza Le Shark will show the latest products and images to professional audiences from various places, which is no exception this year. At this exhibition, Neeza’s fashion style strikes again, and it can be seen from the careful design of the exhibition hall. The crowded “Tong Meng Feiyang Pavilion” is eye -catching with fashionable white and eye -catching, which symbolizes the “one thousand and one childhood wishes”. Maple leaf shops … one scene, one thing, one painting, no matter which vision, you can feel the simple, elegant, fashionable design style and the joy of “Tong Meng Fei”.

The reporter saw at the scene that the guests, merchants, and audiences who came to visit, consult, and negotiate for the Neeza Le Shark booths. Everyone conducted a in -depth understanding of the quality and style of NEEZA Leng Shark through the personal experience of “looking at the question”; Neeza Leoning staff also smiled with enthusiastic smiles and meticulous services to franchisees and friends in the brand operation, market channels, product characteristics, production processes, and franchise policies one by one. Good brand image.

Ms. Chen, who has been engaged in the children’s clothing industry for five or six years, has been interviewed by reporters. She told reporters to the operation of children’s clothing operations and product advantages like a few treasures: “Through the exchange with the staff, I am very optimistic about the development of the Shark. This is a one. The brand that truly considers parents, children, and franchisees, whether it is corporate strength, brand advantages, product quality, or support for franchisees, I can deeply feel the intention of the Shark. As a franchisee, we are also willing to trust such Enterprises and cooperation between the two parties not only win -win, but also grow again. “

NEEZA乐鲨CBME童装展光彩绽放 好评如潮

At the exhibition site, NEEZA Le Shark’s clothing carried out on the scene “Small Hands and Gifts away” WeChat followed the event.

At the scene of the audience, the NEEZA Melief Exhibition Hall also ushered in a “mysterious guest” -benjamin. As a NEEZA Music Shark’s autumn and winter cooperation model, as soon as the little handsome guy appeared, it immediately attracted a burst of exclaims from the audience. Everyone scrambled to take a photo with the little star.

NEEZA乐鲨CBME童装展光彩绽放 好评如潮

In addition to the sought after franchisee friends and audiences, Neeza Le Shark clothing has also attracted many media friends. CBME,, “Clothing Store”, “Children’s Farm Sight”, China Children’s Family Website, China Beiren Network, China Brand Clothing Network and other industry media have successively met and interviews with Neeza Le Shark. , In -depth discussions and communication between market channel changes, brand competitiveness, and promotion and communication in new media environment.

NEEZA乐鲨CBME童装展光彩绽放 好评如潮

It is understood that Jiangsu Shun Tianhao Ship Trading Co., Ltd. belongs to Jiangsu Shun Tian Group and is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in clothing research and development, design, production and sales. The company provides nearly 20 years of production services for well -known children’s clothing brands around the world. In 2009, he founded its own children’s clothing brand, Neeza, Shark. In just five years, NEEZA Le Shark has quickly established high -end shopping malls in Jiangsu and Anhui and Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an and other cities with its high -quality products and brand advantages. There have been more than 200 stores in the country.

NEEZA乐鲨CBME童装展光彩绽放 好评如潮

The person in charge of Neeza Le Shark told reporters that the reason why repeatedly performing at the CBME children’s clothing exhibition not only benefited from NEEZA Le Shark’s deep understanding and grasp of children’s dressing version, popular elements, and lifestyle The support and affirmation of business and consumers are the most precious wealth of NEEZA Music Shark. Neeza Le Shark will also take this exhibition as an opportunity to continue to adhere to the brand concepts of environmental protection, comfortable health, exquisite version, advanced craftsmanship, and advanced craftsmanship, integrity, service, responsibility, and win -win. Partners are sincerely working together to win a win -win situation!

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