There are different men and women, and it is also reflected in the skin. Men’s oil secretion is stronger than women. Without cleaning and care, it is easy to cause acne breeding and affecting beauty. Use men’s oil -controlled skin care products to keep the water and oil balance and make the skin clean and detailed. So, what is good for men’s skin control? Xiaobian recommends ten good reputation men’s oil -control skin care products. This list is provided by the CNPP big data platform to provide product data support. Through the system, the products of major e -commerce platforms are compiled. Based on the oil control effect of the product, the ingredients of the product, the ingredients of the ingredients Components, specifications, price sales, brand awareness, user word -of -mouth evaluation and other strength data are used as a reference.

NO.1 >>> Yuelei Ocean Glacier Water Revision 168RMB/120ml

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

This Yuelei water condensate is very comprehensive, very suitable for men! The three core effects of hydration, moisturizing, and oil control are combined. It is very suitable for men’s use and can perfectly maintain skin stability. Yuelei Water Concubine contains a high concentration of high concentration of refreshing essence, which can quickly improve skin softness, long -term moisturizing, long -lasting water, refreshing and non -greasy, keep the stratum corneum stable, the overall skin type will also become More delicate and healthy. Many male stars and fashion men are loyal fans of this item!

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

NO.2 >>> Lancome Men’s New Moisturizing Gel 630RMB/50ml

Designed for men’s moisturizing and moisturizing skin, and light moisturizing gel with a light texture, it makes the skin feel soft, comfortable, and moisturizing, making the skin reflect fresh vitality from the inside.

NO.3 >>> Keyan men’s anti -wrinkle cream 400RMB/48ml

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

It has a fresh atmosphere of the plant, and it is as refreshing and fresh as the ocean. Intimately considering creating a mousse frost texture into a thin water film touch that is easy to open. Help the facial wrinkles, fine lines and restoration of skin firming. KIEHL’S is prepared for men’s anti -aging prescriptions for hydrolyzed soybean proteins to relieve skin fine lines and wrinkles; use birch tree juice to increase the strength and density of the skin, thereby achieving tight and healthy skin appearance; Cycle and eliminate puffiness.

NO.4 >>> Parma’s water must be nourishing milk 500RMB/75ml

Rich in lemon essential oils, effectively shrink pores, nourish sensitive skin, and restore the natural health of the skin; especially adding pomegranate essence to protect the skin, deeply nourish the skin, moisturize, especially suitable for neutral and dry skin.

NO.5 >>> Clinique men’s net thorough oil control refreshment 190RMB/200ml

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

This men’s cleanliness oil -controlled toner is suitable for mixed oily and oily skin. With cotton slices, cotton slices can take away the aging keratin accumulated on the skin surface and clean the pores at the same time.

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

NO.6 >>> Yuelei Bingquan Huanyan Silkworm Mask 118RMB/6P

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

In just 15 minutes, Yuelei mask is injected through dense essence to retrieve your skin base cells, thereby accelerating metabolism and self -repair. Quickly improve the problem of rough skin pores, help firming pores, and promote the skin’s self -reinforcement. All natural formulas without any fragrance and harmful substances. Men friends who have used this mask are all in love.

NO.7 >>> Biobi Spring Men’s Clean skin cleansing mask 290RMB/50ml

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

Deeply clean the skin to absorb skin oil and impurities. The effect of cleaning the Atlas volcanic mud to absorb the effects of oil and impurities. Clarmas cyanobacteria can promote skin vitality and alleviate oily skin.

NO.8 >>> Water Men’s Men’s Men’s Men’s Heritage Water 520RMB/100ML

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

Related and soothing energy. Quickly soothe the skin. Remove the hot noodles left by the back spatula, and can last long and long -lasting. It helps to maintain the comfort of the skin lasting. Suitable for any skin.

NO.9 >>> Yue Shi Feng Yin Forest Men’s Multi -effect Repair Essence 520RMB/100ML

Jeju Island Fendo composite ingredients help relieve skin pressure, with wrinkles improvement+elastic strengthening+pore management+skin texture+moisturizing effect, 5 -in -one multi -effect repair

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

NO.10 >>> Clarins Men’s series of plant moisturizing condensate 380RMB/500ml

Instantly comfortable skin, not greasy! Contains hyaluronic acid, which is a natural hyaluronic acid that can improve the moisture content of the skin. Moisturize, conditioning and soothing the skin. Suitable for shaving.

2020年男士补水控油护肤品排行榜10强 男士保湿护肤品推荐

Editor’s words:

In this era of increasingly fancy face, men and women love beauty. For men’s skin quality, it is essential to choose a good hydrating moisturizing oil and skin care. 10 in the above rankings are worthy of the water control oil control! Especially Yuelei water gel, not only the oil control effect is outstanding, but it is refreshing and non -greasy, recommended by conscience! Xu Jun/Wen Cai Yun Poetry, Yue Lei, Yue Shi Feng Yin, Sanzhai Life, Biobi Spring, Clinique, Palma, Keyan, Lancome

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