Do you have a necklace? Then what do you wear?

Like I belonging to the skin more sensitive, buying goods that will directly contact the skin will be more thinking.


Whether it is emulsion, hand cream, mask, ring, necklace, etc.


Today, our theme is necklace, like a part of the necklace, I will also choose a 925 silver necklace or 316 medical steel necklace that will not be allergic.

So, today’s recommendation is of course just walking this square.

Before you recommend today’s protagonist, let’s let you know “Is the sterling silver necklace fill? How to clean the sterling silver necklace?”

Many girls in the summer will wear ornaments.

It is best to dress with necklaces, but also the most temperament, sterling silver necklace is a good choice.


But many people are worried that the sterling silver necklace is lost, then

Is the sterling silver necklace fell?

How to clean the sterling silver necklace in life?

[Is the sterling silver necklace fell? 】


Sterling silver necklace wears a lot of discoloration is normal, mainly in “changing”.

That is the result of silver oxidation, and silver is slowly reacted with oxygen in the air.

Most of them choose 925 silver, which is an alloy containing 92.5%, as the first choice for silver jewelry.

Generally speaking, silver jewelery is most likely to become black because sterling silver is easily oxidized by air, and if it is made black, it can be polished with a black toothpaste and cloth.

If you turn green, it is not a sweat. It is your jewelry is not sterling silver. It contains tall copper, it is easy to send.


There is also the water will make necklace color, in general, the sterling silver necklace is not discolored, because sterling silver chemical properties are not active, so the water will not immediately oxidize immediately.

If the necklace will change the water, then this necklace is likely to have a low color, and other materials added to the necklace let the necklace go to “fate”.

To save the black necklace, the simplest and safest way is to wipe with wipe silver cloth.


In addition, soda water can also help necklace restore the original luster.

[How does the sterling silver necklace cleans? 】

[1] It can be tried to rub with a drawing eraser, wipe the slight black oxide of the silverware surface.

[2] I can try to apply a little toothpaste on the silver dress, and then scrub with the toothbrush, and finally dry the whole hair.


[3] When the silver-decorated surface is slightly discolored, it can be gently wiped with a detergent or a more hot medium soap. First, use a soft brush to brush, then use all the hair soft woolen, at this time It will show the original light.


[4] Heating the water with washing powder to rinse, then wet the surface with a phosphoric acid solution, and then wipe it with a velvet cloth, which can make the silverware cleaner.

[5] 925 When the silver-oriented oxidation, a light brown is present, can be wiped with a small silver oil, or soaked in silver water, or the silver cloth can be wiped directly.


[6] Silver is slightly soaked in the silver water, and after removing it, it can be rinsed with water.

[7] Use the rubber cloth, which is one of the fastest and most convenient ways; rubbing silver cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients, can not be washed, wiping the bouquet of sludge is silver, can be used multiple times.

[8] With exquisite and three-dimensional workmanship, avoid deliberately wipe the light.

[9] If the silver is not sealed or wiped often, it is easy to dim.

[10] The best maintenance method for silver is wearing every day, because the human oil can make silver produce natural and warm gloss.

For necklace selection 925, it may not understand small fans in maintenance.


After the above explanation, should it be roughly aware?

Then let’s start recommend sharing today’s protagonist “Tous love + stars + moon combination of 925 silver necklace” ~

► When embarrassed love, with the stars that symbolize the hope, when the fierce woman is at the same time, a wonderful love legend is writing …….

► Warm and interesting peach bears are the demonstration people, remember every moment of shining.

► Warm and interesting Tao Xiongmetan love letter, written a curved moon myth, pass hope and tenderness.

► Advantile handmade grinding and process inheritance, creation of art quality.


►Tous Each product is made of quality material, with manual cutting technology, so that each gem is more shining and shiny.

► From 1920’s nearly 100 years design concept, inheriting classics and fashion, each jewelry can show different fashion styles and individuality.


► Spanish jewelry Tous from 1920, has a history of hundreds of years.

► The brand jewelery is favored by the Spanish royal family and the famous aristocrats, and is loved by the world with its irreplaceable style.

►100% Brand genuine, Spain imported.


►Tous Tmall The only official authentic flagship store, providing brand genuine plus chapter official seal warranty card triggered authentic.


►Tous uses advanced technology to create every jewelry, stylish silver-plated process, superb electrical process, personalized neopes and so on.

► Every craft Tous is inserted into a well-refined attitude towards the fine warmth in each process, and it has witnessed the important moments in the customer ‘s life.

✦ Brand introduction



[Jeweler in 1920]

►Tous has more than 700 shops in five continents, including Barcelona, ​​Madrid, New York, Miami, Shanghai, Tokyo, Moscow, Mexico City and Dubai, and the international brand trip have already opened.

[Brand Philosophy]

► As a jewelry brand born in 1920, Tous adheres to the creation of cultural ideas, with an innovative attitude, continuously stimulating new creative new works, and creates women’s Tous style for women around the world.

[About Tous]

► Brand was established in 1920, Headquartered in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Barcelona, ​​Spain, with Ms. Rosa Oriol and Mr. Salvador Tous, in 1960, focusing on the innovative design concept of more warm, more interesting, more youth, Committed to build the business attitude of original jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality.

► In the late 1980s by the early 1990s, the carry forward of family industries further interprets the warmth of the brand.

► In recent years, Tous has been favored by women such as handbags, perfumes, glasses, and accessories through fusion technology and technology.

✦ necklace detail

► Detailed and delicate manual inlays, showing smoothness of smoothness and Yingrun appearance, love is not released.


► Exquisite and delicately carry out every line, in the arrest between the shoulder jade neck, the elegant landscape.

► Using 925 silver, silver plated 18K rose gold.

► Silver plated 18K gold variety of materials are well-formed, emitting sweet and charming.


✦ 陈乔恩 with the same paragraph

There are two lengths of this chain, whether it is a very length of girl!

The elements of the pendant are also the cute temperament style of girls like girls ~

How can I not buy it! ! ! ! !



# 我 喜欢 的 年 #

# Winter little beautiful #

Just share it here ~


I hope such a good thing is recommended to help small fans!

Then let’s see you next time! Bye ~




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