Contemporary young people, poverty is really poor. This kind of poverty does not mean that income is low, but no matter how much the income is the poverty of the moonlight family! There is no way, the living standard is placed here, the mobile phone needs to be changed to the pixel, the coffee must be grinded, the last time must be hanging the ear, the watch must be stylish …


Do not care about the brand or the brand, mainly to take advantage of personality and quality anyway. This is not related to vanity, it is simply like. This like this, we collectively refer to the fashion of young people!


Seiko Seiko Seiko 5 series SRP605J2 mechanical men’s watch

The fashion of young people is, don’t talk to me about the brand, what brand is not a brand, I like the most important thing. This attitude is in line with this blue disk temperament.

Price: 1,680.00

The fold rubber strap has changed the traditional smooth strap design, echoing the gear case, showing its own personality in the traditional watch form.

It is equipped with a 4R36 movement and provides energy for large pointers for 43.3mm blue disk. With 100 meters of waterproof function. Pass blue, personality design, this table, enough!


Swatch New Skin series SVUB100 quartz men’s watch

The streamlined, smoothness, and comfort, this is an adjective that a strip fish thinks after seeing Swellki as a young man.


Price: 779.00

Black and white color matching has never been able to have a personality at all, but it can pass the sense of fashion through the design of the lines. I don’t know how to describe it, but after wearing this watch, there will be a feeling of Guangzhou Wang Junkai.

Because it is a quartz watch, the accuracy is naturally not said. The dial of 5.6mm dial is thin and only to describe the four words. The dial is elegant and the dial is Hong Kong -style tide!

Casio G-SHOCK series GA-110GB-1APR dual show men’s watch


Selling G-SHOCK. A watch that is co -branded with the glory of the king, such an intention, as if he is saying that hey, brother, old man must have!

Price: 1,192.00

The role of this G-SHOCK is the power of Polylon-Arthur. Black gold’s color matching means that the heroine Arthur gathered G-SHOCK’s power, attached to Black Gold, and returned.

The GA-110GB-1APRK has given the soldier a stronger vitality. In addition to continuing the excellent shockproof function of G-SHOCK, it is also equipped with 200 meters of waterproof. The assassin fighter who turned the guerrillas was not a problem.

The Warriors have returned, the horn of the war has sounded, and the empowerment must live up to expectations. For the sake of the belief in my heart, keep charging, and follow his footsteps to kill the Quartet! Come, 55 open black! Please privately message from the backstage. Thank you.


| Internship girl: Playing the game at work, it has been reported! | |

| I*… |

Timex Outdoor Series T49905 quartz men’s watch


Come, let’s continue looking at the table. The American casual style of Tianmei time has always been the reason why I bought it.


Don’t ask why, handsome men generally pay attention to the matching of watches. Different colors naturally need to set up different watches. Are there any problems?

Price: 872.00

The 42mm dial, brown cowhide strap, and the timing disk won my heart, plus 100 meters of waterproof. If it is not a friend who is obsessed with the mechanical watch, I think I can buy one, because it is really fashionable and versatile.


When I wear it, I usually wear jeans and black tops. The black knitting will be a little bit more. If the weather is too hot, the black short sleeves are also possible. Shoes are preferably the same color with the watch. The male lead in the beauty drama is me!


Ciga Design-Xi Jia Michael Yong M021-BLBL-13 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Price: 999.00

Xi Jia’s watch has always been famous for his personality. He has not been designed in design. The German Red Dot Prize is the only watch in 2017. The hollow design and simple appearance mainly wants to convey the concept of simplifying life and simplifying life. From the complicated life, there are fewer and fewer important things, and life will become more and more real.

The 45mm dial is enough to show the exquisite hollowed out, symbolizing the wonderful moments in simple life.


Jeep SPIRIT retro series quartz watch JPS500104M

Price: 1,000.00

Who has no military dream since I was a child? Fighting was something that we started in our childhood. Not to mention, I do n’t believe it. I took the root stick every day after school and put the school uniform on my head and packed the heroes on my head. Intersection When I was a kid, the hero’s sense of heroes came from the trouble. When I grew up, please keep this hero dream!

Gypling retro military series, 40mm matte dial, showing men’s true colors. Cater strap, protect your hero’s dream with soft and comfortable.


Oriental Date-XIX series SGW05003W quartz men’s watch

Price: 918.00


In the childhood childhood, in addition to you with a heroic dream, there is also a fatal existence: “the children of other people’s family.” The obedient, sensible, and cute.

After growing up, most of them have taken the road of bear children. Only a few like hair cake fish have taken the road of modest gentleman, which is in line with the talent temperament of the oriental double lion.

The golden light of the case and the softness and comfort of the cowhide strap. With a formal dress, the image of the “good child” expected in the parents’ mouth was immediately displayed. Well, I am right!

West Rail City Citizen Light Power Men’s Watch Series AU1065-07E Light Power Men’s Watch


Price: 1,640.00

Different childhoods show different styles. Young fashion has always been eclectic. Zhang Yang is a category of personality, gentleness, and unable to get rid of personality. All black tables, abandon other scales, and only retain the practice of 12 o’clock scale, date display and brand logo, which is particularly rebellious.


Because the focus of this West Iron City is not in the appearance, but in the movement, the light power movement. The battery life of 15 to 20 years can run continuously in the dark after full charging. Use environmental theme to interpret the unique watch.


Watch is never just needed, but of course it is essential for fashion. The fashion of young people, young people define themselves, it doesn’t matter big names and bad names, so -called personal likes!

Broken fish, a handsome guy walking at the tip of fashion!


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