As soon as the Qingming Festival passed, the temperature gradually rose, and the rainfall did not have less rain this year. It felt like entering the summer in advance. Although summer is hot, many people like summer, especially some fashionable and beautiful girls. They can use stylish summer clothes to dress themselves to enhance their temperament and charm.

When matching the summer dress, the matching of the shoes is also very critical. When choosing the shoes, you can choose according to the occasions attending. What shoes do you wear when you go shopping in summer? Go shopping for a long time, so the comfort of the shoes is very important. You can try lazy -style sandals, which can achieve a cool and comfortable effect, and not tired shopping.


The style and characteristics of sand slippers

There are many styles of sand slippers. According to the height of the heel, it can be divided into flat, flat heels, medium heels and high heels. It is best to choose a flat -heeled sandals when going out to go shopping. The flat heel design is more in line with ergonomics. You can get a better dressing experience and comfort, so that you will not be too tired even if you walk for a long time. Of course, if it is a girl with strong high -heeled shoes, high -heeled sandals are also a good choice. The comfort of exploitation is only available in slippers.

Smart and slippers matching skills


Tips ①: Use the advantages of height


As a fashionable girl, when matching clothing, we must combine their own characteristics to make full use of their advantages. For example, some tall girls should use their height advantages. This kind of girls can choose sand slippers with flat -bottomed design, coupled with the advantages of height, and wearing a lazy long leg effect, it will also be very attractive.


Tips ②: Small girls with high waist styles

Small girls wearing flat sand slippers will look shorter. At this time, some small matching skills can be used to change the status quo. Try to choose high waist styles when choosing to install, which can improve the waistline, make the proportion of the lower body more slender, and achieve the effect of increasing and thinning. Secondly, you can also use shoulder bags to improve the visual center, which can also have an increased effect.

LOOK①: denim hair edge shorts+flat -heeled slippers

Denim shorts are very popular fashion items in summer and have a very high appearance rate. The style of denim shorts is simple, and you can choose the style with a hole and wool -edged design to improve the fashionable effect. The color is mainly blue and black. The blue is full of the charm of denim. The black slimming effect is good. They are all good choices. The flat -heeled sandals have a very good comfort. You can consider the style of home slippers, so that it is cool, lazy, and full of casual taste.


Look ②: black and white match+camouflage slippers


Black and white matching is a commonly used color matching in summer, and it is also a classic basic color matching, and you don’t have to worry about being outdated. Black and white matching with various styles of clothing, such as this fashionable young lady, a white basic T -shirt, with black shorts, using the tips of the jacket to create a high waistline. Stepping on a pair of camouflage slippers under his feet, it has the finishing touch of the simple style of black and white. High slippers are a shoe with a very high appearance rate in summer, and the versatile effect is very good. Whether it is skirts or pants, it can be easily matched. If you want to create lazy wind, you can choose sandals.

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