[Yibang Power Network News] August 7th news, at the entrepreneurial innovation -the traditional business industry e -commerce transformation and development summit, the general manager of the 3515 strong man shoe industry e -commerce manager Ji Shun published “How to use the Internet+activation China to activate China Public speech by Manufacturing.

It is understood that the meeting was hosted by Yibang Power Network, Henan Provincial Network Marketing Association, and Jingsha E -commerce Industrial Park. The theme of the conference “Entrepreneurship Innovation” brings together the powerful forces of connection, integration, openness, and innovation. The integration of online and offline, virtual reality, explore a new path; linkage innovation, condense the mind, and achieve a new leap.

The organizer Yibang Power Network introduced that the conferences from the entrance of the two sectors of “Innovation and Promoting Industry Upgrade” and “Breakthrough of Traditional Brand Transformation”, from the forefront of policy sharing, the analysis of the Thinter policy, to the actual combat sharing of the pioneers, and discussed and interpreted the future in the future. New innovation of traditional enterprises.

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3515 Gentleman Shoe Industry General Manager Jie Shun

The following is the lecture record:


Today’s conference team will arrange it very much. First, a Xiaoqiang who couldn’t die first, and came up with an unable to die. Everyone knows who planned the Zhengzhou New District of Zhengzhou today? It was Premier Li of that year. When he was the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee in Henan, this place was specified. So I think it is very coincidental. In addition, when I am here today, the companies where they gather here are like our Premier Li at that time. I drew this direction. When this one was still potholes, the house price was 3,000 yuan. Now 30,000 yuan, today the meeting invited so many big brothers. I want to be a local company in Henan. There are also many villagers in Henan. Welcome to Henan in the future.

First of all, a brief understanding of what kind of enterprise we are the 3515 -strong man is, the second way of the Internet, the third is the strategic layout of the strong man at the current stage. Fourth, make some suggestions for our traditional enterprises.

First, a strong man was built in 1951. It was formerly known as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s third fifth15 plant. Our company is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates the research and development, production and sales of leather, leather shoes and rubber products. The national scientific and technological achievement promotion demonstration unit, important domestic military shoes, special shoe and boots, this is our current physical store. This is the corporate honor obtained by our company, the top ten democratic brands in China, and the king of Chinese shoe. For the products of strong people, we have a core point to serve the completion of the country, including Tiananmen National Flag Class, the three armies guards, the United Nations, the United Nations Chinese peacekeeping forces, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Our strong man’s channel layout, our first channel is the national military channel. Now most of the military shoes of the army are provided by the strong man. We want to thank President Xi. Why are you so good in the past two days? The supply of military products is to survive. For the reputation of a strong man, we have promoted the monopoly of a strong brand offline. Third, we are foreign trade channels. This is the three major channel layout of strong people.

In the second link, the road to the Internet, as a traditional state -owned enterprise, why do we do e -commerce? In fact, a very simple reason is that the original intention is to expand sales channels. The original intention is to expand sales channels. I don’t know how many traditional companies have come today. When traditional companies are facing the Internet, they encounter a lot of difficulties when they are facing e -commerce. The biggest crisis is the joy of e -commerce talents. At that time, as a traditional enterprise, it was difficult to recruit an artist.

Second, it is the positioning of the product, the solidification of the product, the development of thinking and solidification of the engineering department, and the solidification of the product.

Third, the company’s leaders do not pay attention to e -commerce, and the approval procedures are cumbersome.


Fourth, traditional supply chain channels do not match the requirements of e -commerce channels.

Breakthrough steps for strong man e -commerce operations. When a strong man began to be an e -commerce, many people did not understand or support. The support of Old A must come up with the performance. In the second step, we have to establish a departmental setting of independence and state -owned enterprises. What should I do when we do it when we do it? First of all, cooperate with TP companies to cultivate ourselves at the same time. After maturity, we introduce teams from Hangzhou to help the company’s operation. For the operation of strong man e -commerce, after we entered, the first step is positioned in the product. Everyone knows that the leather shoes of the strong man and our military boots. Many people say that when the strong people think of the impression, in fact, we now follow this with this. It’s a lot worse. When we were doing e -commerce on the Internet at the time, we must be based on product positioning.

What we just started this year, we can’t find the direction, and we don’t know what the user wants? There are no new products, and state -owned enterprises cannot be developed. So this idea started in 2013. In 2013, we entered the sorting of Internet e -commerce products. Because of the younger e -commerce products, when our original products praised military boots, this shoe dad particularly liked it and bought it for dad. Sorry, because Dad does not go online, the mother does not go online, all their sons are surfing the Internet. Our products are positioned to young people. Now we have extended this military weapon now. After product positioning, we started the price positioning. We did e -commerce in 2011 and started to operate in 2013. For the crowds on Internet e -commerce, our consumer groups, and our consumption points re -sorted out the individual products of e -commerce, this is not the same as offline products.

Secondly, we carried out channel layout. After entering e -commerce in 2011, we opened the Tmall flagship store in 2011. Our Tmall flagship store accounted for 20%of our overall strong people and in the e -commerce market. In 2012, we carried out the Alibaba distribution channel system. Our greater system lies in the distribution channels. We have a lot of outlets. Many of our customers start from distribution.

Third, because of the characteristics of the product, our company has established an independent B2C website. Because many people buy it on Tmall, he may not believe it, so at this time we use Baidu to promote it. After the promotion of Baidu Guide, B2C’s website is mainly group purchase, which is expected to account for 5%.

Fourth, we carried out the platform layout of Waifu. At that time, how to play JD.com and how to play No. 1 store did not know at that time. At that time, we had an attempt. When these channels were established, we For sales, we have learned about subtraction in the future. We have made a key layout in JD.com and Amazon, which is suitable for our product structure.

Third, the construction of a strong e -commerce operation team. At that time, we didn’t know much about e -commerce, so we couldn’t find a good leader. It was important to find a good leader. We spent four or five months for us to find this leader and determined the leader. I want to talk about it, everyone is mentioning the Internet stage, our response. In fact, after this piece, each company’s own characteristics are different. The layout we conduct is based on our strong people for so many years, their own brands, ourselves, and our own multi -level customers and customers to determine different ways. We are the first way. We are the first. The step is the traditional e -commerce channel, such as JD.com and Tmall. The first is to consider our channels first, the characteristics of this channel user, and then determine the product in this channel to determine the marketing strategy. The core of our second channel is the needs of the country, the third is the channel of domestic monopoly, and the fourth is the channel of foreign trade.

When our traditional e -commerce companies proposed the “deep and penetrated” method, we did not do well in the Internet brand, but our e -commerce brand strategy is that each channel is “deeper and penetrated”. Our second channel is a traditional offline company. Our center should apply the Internet offline channels, not pure e -commerce. Our offline is not the same as traditional e -commerce. Now traditional business is difficult to do, and the decline is very serious. Now it involves the adjustment of the center of the operation model. The development of our strong offline is actually our focus. Of course We also have a noun in this channel model, which is called a buyer -style integrated store. We have similar ideas for Inman. The first is fashion, the second is experientialization, and the third is fans. Many people are many people. Many people are many people. Many people are many people. Many people I feel that online is cheap. The goods purchased from the factory are sold in Tmall and removed many intermediate links. In fact, it can be done offline. The goods produced by the factory directly arrive at the store, plus the offline experience and think together. The real store sales are better and more convenient. I don’t believe this one, which can exceed the percentage of the offline online. The ratio of 5: 5 is absolutely not believed.

Because the sales of the entire shoes last year accounted for about 10%of Chinese shoe sales, this is our reform and layout of our offline channels according to the Internet. In fact, we also said a specific channel just now. Our strong people now use big data, and the products created are just like the watch we wear. This is the national military channel. We must also bring the national military equipment to the Internet era. The direction. We also have foreign trade channels. In fact, many traditional channels say that foreign trade is very difficult to do. Many foreign trade channels have turned to Internet channels. I think the biggest channel is not human development, but the product of the product. Our entire products have set up factories in Russia, Cuba, and South America. We used to be a foreign trade company in those places. Now we are a foreign trade company. Now we have established shoes research and development teams. What is the final competitiveness? Product is the final competitiveness.

Because Jingsha hosted this meeting to talk about the suggestions of shoes companies, how do we develop? Our boss and clerk should pay attention to offline channels and have Internet thinking. I said so much. thank you all!

2015 China (Chengdu) mobile e -commerce annual meeting and mobile e -commerce maker show

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