There are mainly oil pressure jacks and spiral jacks (that is, mechanical gear jack top)

Today we mainly talk about the oil pressure jack, and the oil pressure jack is also known as the hydraulic jack. There are mainly vertical oil pressure jacks and horizontal oil pressure jacks. As the name implies, the product of the vertical oil pressure jack is vertical, and the top jack is the product. As shown below:

The jack is mainly used to stand up to a heavy object to achieve its own effort. It has the characteristics of small body and large actions. It looks small products, which can actually push up more than several times the weight of its own weight. Because it is very heavy, you must pay attention when using it, so as not to bring hidden safety hazards to yourself. The specific precautions are as follows:

1. Be sure to put it on a flat hard ground or other flat hard parts to avoid tilt.

2. Before use, you must estimate the weight of the top -up objects. Select the appropriate product specifications to avoid overloading, which will damage or affect the service life of the jack.

3. After the top is lifted, do not support the top thousands for a long time, which will also damage or affect the service life of the jack.

4. After using the jack, it should be loosen and loosen the oil valve in time to remove the pressure to remove the piston rod, so as not to expose the piston rod to the air for a long time. Over time, it will rust and affect the use of the jack.

5. After the top of the jack is up, people must not be under the object to avoid accidents.


6. Do not tilt or use the jacks when necessary. Generally, in this case, the jack will fail.

7. Under the guidance of non -professional persons, try not to modify or use multiple jacks at the same time, because you can’t control the synchronization of controlling the jack.

千斤顶由于其特殊的结构性,再加上外界因素的不可控性,有些时候经常会碰到新的产品,或者使用不久的产品会有一点小问题,针对这些常见的小问题,我们可以试试The following methods:


1. After the piston rod is over, there will be a rebound phenomenon, like a spring. At this time, it is generally caused by air in the jack. The solution is to loosen the screw (or leather) behind the jack, and then shake the pound of pounds several times. You can hear the sound of “fluttering”.

2. Sometimes it is still new when you encounter the jack, and then you do n’t respond to any use. At this time, it may be because the jack is placed for a long time. There is impurities in the oil, which blocks a certain oil channel inside. The processing method is to pour the jack and knock the base of the jack with a hammer.


3. Sometimes it will be encountered. After a period of use, the ups and downs will not reach the normal height. At this time, there may be a lack of oil shortage, unscrew the oil injection hole, and add mechanical oil.

4. There are other common oil leakage phenomena that can achieve the effect of use because of the sealing of the jack. At this time, it is mostly caused by the wear or rupture of a certain part of a certain part, and the corresponding sealing ring needs to be changed to solve the problem.

The above are small questions summarized by the individual, welcome to add and discuss! Intersection

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