First of all, fragile materials are abandoned, such as glass and ceramics, because fragile materials can cause additional risks to the driver. In the early days of the 1970s, the car brand chose iron. But the update and maturity of materials at any time. Now everyone generally uses 304 stainless steel.

Stainless steel car carrier cup


Car cup


It should not be a thermal insulation cup. If it is a thermal insulation cup, the driver will forget the water in the water cup when driving the vehicle, which is high temperature, and it will also cause an emergency when drinking. However, it cannot be a single layer, because if the single -layer water cup is equipped with cold water, the surface of the water cup will form a large amount of condensed water droplets, which will also cause the hand to slip. In the end, it is decided that there is no vacuum structure of the double layer. Water cup.

Considering that the driver must always keep one hand without leaving the steering wheel, then only one hand can be picked up, opened, drinking, etc., so the cup lid of the water cup cannot be covered, so the flip structure is designed, so the flip structure is designed. Can make one hand easily.

At the same time, considering that the smooth picking up will have a direct relationship. After repeated testing, about 500 milliliters are the best weight. This best weight is not to say that it is not possible, but that at the time of Germany’s road conditions at that time The average driving time of people a day is 2-4 hours, so 500 ml of water can just meet the drinking within this time.

Combined with the content of the above customers, can you compare whether you bought online car cups? Here I have to talk about it again. Recently, I found that many places on the Internet have a lot of plagiarism of the editor’s articles whether it is a professional water cup website or a factory company that produces water cup companies. Please respect the hard work of the article. For plagiarism, please mark the source of the article.

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