People to middle and elderly people have changed greatly in both physiological and psychological. In terms of clothes, they also have their own definition and aesthetic requirements. In fact, clothing matching is not only the patent of young people, but also the middle -aged and elderly people also have the need for beauty and power. How to match the clothing of middle -aged and elderly people? The decent and stylish you want to wear requires the next time. Let me introduce some tips for clothing matching.

Color characteristics of middle -aged and elderly people


1. Try to avoid using the contrast and complementary color to match

2. The color should be transformed appropriately

3. In the selection of clothing patterns, you should also emancipate your mind, boldly select the colorful and novel costumes such as hidden, hidden strips and fine spots, florals, etc.


4. It is correct and stable to choose the clothing color that suits you according to your skin color.


Clothing must be in line with identity

On the formal occasion, the color of the elderly should be based on a calm and stable color tone, and the bright and bright colors should be embellished.


In non -formal occasions, the elderly can choose bright color clothing or colorful clothing

Characteristics of middle -aged fabrics

1. The fabrics of the elderly clothing should be soft and light. It is advisable to choose cotton, pure hair, pure silk, and pure hemp products


The appearance is a kind of etiquette. As long as you dress up a little, wearing clothing that is suitable for yourself and comfortable, you will not only change your appearance, it will appear stable and dignified and temperamental, but also has a good hint and impact on your own psychology.

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