Skills of Using Lighting Lighting at Night

2019-12-11 10: 26 · Liangzhou Public Security Traffic Police

For drivers, it is very important to use lights correctly when driving at night. The use of lights of other vehicles can help safe driving.

Swing up the headlights in and out of the hutong

In addition to the spacious roads in urban roads, there are narrow hutong and cross -intersection. There are often vehicles or pedestrians from the alley. If the driver cannot find measures in time, it is very easy to danger. If you can pay attention to observing the lights of the vehicle in the mouth, you can avoid accidents.

If there is a direct light in the hutong, it means that some vehicles must drive out of the mouth; according to the brightness of the light and the height of the light, the size of the vehicle can be determined: the lights are bright, the height is the small car, the light is dark, the high location is high, and the location is high. Large cars. At this time, the driver should decelerate, whistle, alternate use, and near light to remind the other party.

The shadow flash must be defensive

If the shadow flickering in the light indicates that there are pedestrians or cyclists in front of the car, and it is close to the intersection. In order to prevent the sudden appearance of pedestrians, they must slow down in advance, and don’t be lucky to avoid accidents.

There is no guardrail to decelerate

Many mixed lanes do not have a central guardrail. When the vehicle is waiting in line and the lane is smooth, it can be found that the lighting of the vehicle is uniform and regular. At this time, some pedestrians forcibly cross the road, and drivers often have blind spots due to lights to vehicles. The driver should pay attention to the passage of deceleration. When the lights in front of the car change indicate that someone moves in front of the car.

First look at the lights in and out of the main road

In order to improve the ability of the road, many roads with main and auxiliary roads have been built in the city. When driving to the main aid road at night, pay attention to observe whether there is light irradiation at the entrance and exit. If there is a vehicle, there is a vehicle to drive out of the main road or from the auxiliary road. Because the transportation department has a certain angle, the exit direction is from the main and the main roads, and the normal vehicle lights cannot be exposed directly. Only the vehicle lights of the entrance, out of the master, and the auxiliary road can be directly shot to be discovered by other vehicles.

Light fluctuating pavement uneven

In addition, you can judge the flatness of the road ahead by fluctuations in the upper and lower fluctuations of the vehicle lighting. You can also use the light reflected by the front car to observe whether the front light of the vehicle is defective.

When driving a vehicle at night, the lighting of other vehicles can improve the driver’s judgment ability and avoid traffic accidents.

Skills of Using Lighting Lighting at Night

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