The south gate of the motherland in September was not yet autumn. In the afternoon, a Maruu dog tongue was heated on the training ground. It only listened to the trainer’s “attack”. , Bite the sleeves of the opponent’s right arm.


This is one of the earliest and largest military dog ​​training institutions in my country. The breeding, training, and teaching of the day after day has cultivated a large number of outstanding military dog ​​trainers and military dogs for border defense, security inspection, and riot. They were assigned to the north and south of the motherland, fighting on duty, conflict, and counter -terrorism. “The military dog ​​is an important part of the human resources of the army. It is a living force that directly generates combat effectiveness. Today, there is still no instrument to comprehensively replace the special role of the military dog.” Luo Xian talked to the reporter of Nandu.

Recently, Nandu and N video reporters visited a military dog ​​base of the Armed Police Force Army Army.

When puppies were born, the breeders were accompanied every day, and they had to start many nights at night, and feed puppies one by one.

Breeding: Soldiers say “more time with them than to accompany their girlfriends”

A military dog ​​has been taken care of and cared for from the moment of birth. In the past 7 years, the breeder Wei Yingying and many puppies have become “parent -child relationships”. In his words, “The days when you stay with dog moms and dogs are more than the days when you are with my girlfriend. “

In September this year, Wei Yeying, 26, had to choose to stay. He once again gave up a high -paying job opportunity for a local pet unit and stayed in the Army dogs to continue to do a good job in the breeding and cultivation of military dogs.

Both puppies and puppies must rely on breeding staff to raise accompaniment and conduct basic training.

The two -year -old Supreme Swelle “An Qi” will be a mother for the second time after a short time. When Wei Yeying was interviewed by a reporter from Nandu, “An Qi” was lying in his arms. From time to time, he pulled the two front legs of “An Qi”, turned over its body, and adjusted his lying posture to prevent pressure to prevent pressure to already to the past to already. The dogs who have been bred for more than 40 days.


Breeding workers Weiye Ying and the female dog “Anqi”.

“An Qi” shook his body, and the thin and more hair was scattered on Weiye’s clothes. He just patiently picked up the combing wool device and slowly stretched out his body’s hair. I’m pregnant, you should know. “


This job is indeed not easy for young male comrades. All puppies and puppies in the military dogs must rely on breeders to raise accompaniment and conduct basic training before the training.

The breeding of female dogs is an important part of the breeding process. In the first month of the matching, the B -ultrasound of the Dog Doctor can clearly find the female dog embryo and diagnose the state of the embryo. After that, the “special care” in daily exercise and diet runs through about 60 days of pregnancy. “Strong exercise may lead to abortion, excessive diet or nutrition that may not keep up with the health of the baby dog ​​and dog baby.” Wei Yeying said to Nandu reporters.

“Confinement Center”: Soldiers Flower


The remaining hour is the mother dog’s delivery

The most tedious and complicated and complicated for breeding workers should take care of dogs and new dogs. Luo Xian, a political commissar of the Army Dog, target the reporter’s metaphor: “It can be said that they are the‘ Yueyue ’of the female dog and the newborn dog.


One week before the production of pregnant dogs, the breeding staff moved into the “confinement center” together. Nandu reporters noticed that the dog rooms and dog beds here were cleaned up. The disinfected towels, scissors, needle threads, and medicines were prepared before giving birth. The carrying manual disinfection sprayer was also placed in the corner of the room. Wei Yeying talked that because the postpartum female dogs could not take a bath frequently, the delivery room needs to be disinfected daily to ensure that the female dog’s wound is not infected as much as possible.

Wei Yeying told Nandu reporters that because the number of puppies for female dogs is generally more than 10, it takes more than ten hours to help the mother dog delivery, and the production time of the female dog is difficult to produce. The breeding staff is like an obstetrician and gynecologist. He holds the puppies from the female dog’s arms to help the mother dog cut the umbilical cord and deal with the wound …

It is not easy to make this puppies reach 100%. One month after they are born, the breeders will stay with them every day and live together. The breeder’s bed is separated from the wall of the dog bed, and the windows are observed at any time in the middle.

The breeder’s bed is separated from the wall of the dog bed, and the windows are observed at any time in the middle.

The puppies’ diet is the same as babies. In the 10 days after the puppies were born, in addition to the day care, every night, the alarm clock of the breeder rang on time at 0:00, 2 o’clock, and 4 o’clock in the morning. Dog feeding.

“They are human. I treat them as children. They feel that” love “will also rely on me.” Wei Yeying described the connection between breeders and puppies. In the winter night of a nursing Maruho dog, he slept until midnight and found that the quilt was dragged away. When he got up, he found that the bitch pulled his quilt to make his puppy. Essence

Third -class merit, rewarding, outstanding soldiers … In recent years, because of the care of the puppies and puppies, Wei Yeying has won the merit of many exclusive breeding staff. The puppies also grew up under the care of many breeders such as Wei Yeying. They were brought to the “battlefield” that belonged to them and trained into a real “speechless comrades”.

Condition reflex: more than ten seconds can find the explosives in the luggage


Liu Tao, who retired in September this year, has been a military dog ​​trainer for 7 years. On the day before leaving the team, Liu Tao brought the “Horse War Wolf” to the training ground to complete the last time and dog collaborative training, combed the dog for the last time, and fed the last food for the dog.

“Ma Zhan Wolf” is a Maruna dog. This dog has a sensitive sense of smell, strong attack power, high desire, strong bouncing power, and high obedience.

The trainer Liu Tao and the military dog ​​”horse war wolf”.

On the training ground, the teammates code 24 bags on the open space, one of which hid the explosive (TNT), and Liu Tao directed the “Horse War Wolf” to identify the bag on the field.

“Search!” Liu Tao ordered, the “horse war wolf” trotted, patrolling every luggage one by one, and only spent more than 10 seconds, sitting down at the target box, quietly waiting for the military dog ​​trainer to come, Check the bag. After checking out the explosives from the target box, Liu Tao patted the front chest of “Horse War Wolf” to show encouragement and reward.

In another simulation card point, “Horse War Wolf” was taken to three cars. After hearing Liu Tao’s instructions, the “Horse War Wolf” quickly acted and quickly positioned the explosives hidden in it.


This is the alert set of card search courses that are often used at intersections, stations, airports, customs and other service scenarios. Liu Tao introduced to Nantu reporter that his focus was on the ability of military dogs to search for explosives under static conditions. This not only requires the military dogs to accurately find the explosives, but also require it to warn it with a sitting and lying posture. The setting explosive may explode at any time due to sound control or touch.

“Ma Zhan Wolf” heard the instructions of the trainer, and ran to the “suspect” who was 50 meters away, biting the other’s arm.

The long -term training of the trainer enables the conditions for the formation of the military dogs. From hearing instructions to action, the response time of the military dog ​​is only less than half a second. To allow the military dogs to complete the action accurately, it is necessary to repeatedly practice and need to be repeatedly practiced and needed. Consolidate. “For example, leaping the bridge, climbing high ladder, and bite, like us, need to practice repeatedly, otherwise he may fall off from the wooden board because of his physical strength,” Liu Tao said.

This requires patience and skills to cultivate tacit understanding. When the “horse war wolf” was just under training, it was “a little lazy”. It was unwilling to approach the bag and was not sensitive to searching. In order to stimulate the potential, Liu Tao threw it into multiple luggage with its favorite small rubber ball. On this basis, the training of luggage search is carried out to improve the training efficiency, and then transfer to the training of vehicle search. Every time, Liu Tao will give the front chest stroke that expressed encouragement.

They have completed tasks such as the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shenzhen Grand Games security, and the special operation of “Thunder Sweeping”.

At present, the most stable course of the “Horse War Wolf” is that the vehicle is searching. In a competing martial arts, the purpose of the “horse war wolf” was 7.5 seconds, ranking first among 12 military dogs in the same field.


Merit: complete a number of major security tasks

“As one of the earliest and largest military dog ​​training institutions in my country, with the efforts of a stubble officer and soldiers, through the day after day of military dog ​​breeding, training, and teaching, our dog team is for border defense, security inspection, riot, etc. The dog troops have cultivated a large number of outstanding military dog ​​trainers and military dogs. They were assigned to the north and south of the motherland, fighting on duty, conflicts, and counter -terrorism, and showed their skills on various fronts of border defense, customs, and public security. ” Essence

They have completed major tasks many times, including Hong Kong and Macau’s return to the motherland, the Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Grand Games, G20 Hangzhou Summit and other major security tasks, and also participated in tasks such as “Thunder Sweeping” special operations. Excellent achievements have also attracted foreign units such as the Ministry of Public Security and the German border defense department to visit the military dogs.

There are too many high -quality military dogs like the “horse war wolf”, and the breeding staff and trainers accompanied by them day and night. There are many other training tasks in the “horse war wolf” in the future, but its partner is no longer Liu Tao. Under the unified arrangement of the superiors, half a month before leaving the team, Liu Tao handed over the “Horse War Wolf” who had been trained for nearly 4 years to hand in advance to his comrade -in -arms Zhou Hongxuan. “Bringing the training army needs excellent patience and responsibility. In this regard, Zhou Hongxuan is the one I believe in.”

Early transfer can make the “horse war wolf” familiar with new comrades faster, but the tacit understanding between the old training guides may also be a “conditional reflection” that cannot be quit in the short term.

On September 1, before Liu Tao left the team, he and his comrades Zhou Hongxuan walked side by side on the way back to the dog house. The dog rope held in the hands of the new training guide Zhou Hongxuan, but the horse war wolf “did not listen to the call” to Liu Tao, his face, his face, his face The ministry kept on Liu Tao’s left leg, as if he was looking forward to getting a touch of encouragement.

Produced: Nandu Instant

Writing: Nandu reporter Huang Xiaoyin


Photography: Intern Zhang Qijing Wu Shixin Nandu reporter Li Lin

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