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For the rest of the bedroom, it is simple to take a rest, so everything is simple. In addition to the wardrobe, cosmetics and other small items also need a place where they have a minimal moving dressing table, which can meet the storage + makeup needs and move freely.


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01. Extremely simple dressing table

I usually put in the mirror cabinet of the bathroom, and it is very convenient to wash your face every day. The utilization of the dressing table is not very high, and occasionally need to draw a little exquisite makeup will be here. So there is no need to put too much dressing table occupy the bedroom space, you can meet my needs.

02. DIY inspiration

Now use the dressing table is really simple, or when the wedding room is decorated five years ago, I diy.

Because there was no finding of the dressing table that met my request, I saw a picture of a picture, I booked a piece of wooden board, I bought four IKEA’s table legs, I didn’t expect the effect. good!

03. Reconstruction list

My wooden board quality generally does not recommend it to everyone, can be customized as needed, my home is 60 × 38cm.

The table leg is the Creur series, the height is 70cm, and it is not difficult to combine.


The plastic storage cabinet next to it makes up for the unfortunate of the dressing table without savings. But plastic is still slightly cheap, and there is appropriate to be replaced.


Careful little friends may find that I didn’t put a chair, where is the makeup? In fact, it is very simple, the dressing table and the storage cabinet are movable. When makeup, just pull them to the bed, I am sitting in bed. Provide a chair, the bedroom is more refreshing!

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