Use a thin hair to give your child a spring jacket, diagonal disguise

Simple sloping, the child feels quiet in the moment, and that always gives me a naughty bag, I only love it.

Take a look at the style renderings,

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No collection, cuffs, all over the foreclock

If you need a set of cloth, it is the same processing method.

Cuffding Calculation Formula: B / 4

The other numbering can be pushed by a folding plate according to the length of 3.5cm of the 12cm sleeve by a circumference of 4cm length.

Two front of this front piece are asymmetrical, where red is one side, green is one sides must be clear.

Want to learn more children’s clothing solutions You can click on the lower circle card to join my children’s wear circle from the most basic plate.


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Production process and sewing process solution

Fabric selection: thin material or other spring fabric to be slightly a little thick, not too thin,


Wats and cashmere fabrics If your child is uncomfortable, you can sequet in the inside.

After combining the top criters on the top of the child, add the appropriate sewing edges. The part of the bag is needed without seam, other parts plus 1 cm suture suture


This has no pocket, you need a pocket that can be sewed on the side to add a side seam pocket.

Sewing process: sewing front and rear sheet shoulder, side seam, sleeve bottom —- Cuff and the sleeve suture —— Cuff and neck

The wrapside strip is to use a width of 3.5 cm in a slope of 45 degrees. The wrap is 0.8 cm wide. The width of the wrap edge can be adjusted according to the thickness of the fabric, and the plate is buckled, stitched.


Cuffding effect

The finished product is completed.


Special simple, drawing and production are very simple, you can try it, you can try it.

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