This wave

Big cooling

Is it not possible to do your partner? You mi, I am already getting out.

Cotton jacket

Tightly wrapped in the body, everyone


Winter equipment

What is prepared?

Although the old say is “Spring, Qiu Shan”, but this is directly skipped in the fall in the winter, even if the city is beautiful, the big power is put on.

Autumn clothes


It happened that I have recently discovered a new dress formula called

“26 ° C Dressing”


It is

26 ° C – local weather _ ° C = dress _ ° C

Set the temperature of each type of dress, according to the temperature of the day, choose a match, said that it does not say that the clothes becomes like a set of formulas is as simple as

Just, when I gave everyone Amway, there were always some sisters to say that it is too cold / too hot, and today, let’s talk about this formula according to this.


Each temperature

How do we wear this winter?

In this case, you are in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, you can say too much! Say cold, but the nearest


Really super enough, but it is warm, this


It’s really low, a little goblin that is a torture!

Wear such weather


It is really right! Simple basic paragraph can wear uncommon


, With the entire gas field of the boots!

The high-level wear players don’t have to be stamped in the basic paragraph.

Bold color

In a dull autumn and winter, it is undoubtedly the most colorful, and it will not worry about being too bloated, and the beautiful is not frozen.


In the past two years, the super-popular coat discharge method is also worth studying, and two pieces are selected.

Different colors

Coat, according to



The sequence is superimposed, warmth effect double, and overall


Very strong, wearing a stable place!

CR: @ 夹


Worried that the coat can’t stop the low temperature in the morning and evening, Pick


Thick coat

Yes, super fire


Lamb coat

Is there any malt not wear? The thickness of the naked eye, now wearing enough!

But, the lamb hair is more fat. This is something that the female star can’t be spared, so the mind, the mission can find another love.



Jacket coat, cotton clothes, handsome leather

Waiting, it is a good hand of the cold, and the style is relatively fancy, and the sweater is a very good drop, and a great advantage of the casual style is

Do not pick your body



The first few days in the north have been cold to the first snow that ushered in winter, and the wheat goes out of the snowballs wear.


down jacket

In the zero weather, it must not be absent, but the down jacket is more difficult to match everyone. After all, it is not everyone who has a fairy value.

Li Yitong Po’s set of down jackets is very reference, down

Micro jeans


It is because of the heart, not only with the loose formation of the down jacket, it is thin Max, but also very good drop.

Modified leg type

, The calf is close to the thick sister!

For a long time, sisters waiting in the room may wear a down jacket and will open the zipper, then



It is very important. Big arrival is a sweater or sweater, etc., the style is difficult to innovate, but we can


Upper and down!


The bright and lively and bright eyes, and the brunette coat is put together, and it will not break the layers. It is not empty in the down jacket in the warm room.

Instead, the darkness of the darkness and bright colors are also super, dull and beautiful combination is just right, creating

Light feeling

It is a winter beauty tool.

High waise pants

Although I late, I will put in the pants, and the warmth will highlight the waistline, even if it is in winter, it is also a charming “small waist” ~

Self-hearted sisters, you can also choose some “small ornaments”, like


Hat and Scarf


Wait, not only warm, and there is also a role in the brocade ~


Especially the scarf, it is simply the gospel of the round face.


Shield double chin

Don’t say, you can also create it manually

V-faced face

The effect, the visual thin face effect is strong!

I heard that the sisters of the South recently go out? Indeed, it is time to wear two pieces ~


It is the best choice, except for the thickness, and the buckle is buckled in the morning and evening, it can resist the cold, the most important thing





Shirt + knit cardigan =


Simple and gentle

, Shirt + set knit =


Korean lady


, Shirt + knit vest =

Fashion atmosphere

…, not only the style is diverse, the color is colorful, the winter wear is also rejected!

I don’t want to give my heart, then choose one piece directly.


Put it up, lazy people can wear a good effect.

However, if this is a relatively hollow, or the slit between the needle line is relatively large, it is recommended that the sisters should be taken first.


Otherwise, some wind will drill into the clothes, and you know how cold you know.


In addition to the sweater,



Also not bad, less


Official and casual

, Students can do it!

The black and white basic suits are equipped, so you can choose the casual style.


To do neutralization, convert the overall style to intellective elegance will be more appropriate ~

The more older sisters can completely PICK


Wow, how to see how to jump off, and then match the short skirt of the same color.




However, the temperature difference in the morning and evening is more than a big drop, and the skirt is inevitable, and it is more cold, paying attention to the healthy sister or trousers.

Color suit


Also avoid the most secure way to wear commercial sales staff

(I don’t say that sales is not good!)



The above is your MI to wear a winter day, which is tired of the “26 ° C wear”, which can be taken into the rain, you will take care of each sister!


Although the thickness of winter wearing is increased, the exquisite girl is going to fight, it will be discounted, understand

Use color and accessories

It is the last word!


What do you wear today?


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