There are many kinds in style, but the extremely simple wind is a kind of trip to fashionable people. There is no exaggerated design, there is no flourish decoration, but it is more focused on texture and details, but concise wear is not only more resistant to the clothes quality and fashion taste.

Extremely simple wind, refers to styles and colors very “simple”, not complicated, the most classic color match is classic black and white. For example, a small black trousers and white t-shirt match, or the style of the classic jeans white T-shirt is a simple style, and there is a high reference nature.


It seems that the exquisite three-dimensional tailor is simple, and there is no embellishment of more complex fashion elements, but it doesn’t lose the fashion, but also very atmospheric. With most of the various basic payment, it is good to wear a good effect.


Speaking of advanced, in addition to the colorless black and white ash, there is also a popular camel. Advanced with textured camels are more soft than black and white, and it is also more gentle temperament. So recommend a classic camel windbreaker, and the autumn is easy to wear international.

The highly simple match is mostly two-piece or three-piece matching. Of course, a simple dress can easily interpret the extremely simple. For sisters who don’t wear, simple suit suit is probably the autumn is very practical, the wind wear, with the classic white T-shirt, can make a slightly loose style more European and American atmosphere.

Europe and America’s extremely simple, the main colors used, which are all unable to picky skin, so many Asian black yellow sisters, if you really don’t know what color is thin, the black and white gray is definite Will not go wrong. Slightly colorful camel, try to buy it.


Want to wear an airfield, you can also choose a simple and atmospheric stacking. For example, this kind of dressing in white t-shirt, in addition to the colored windbreaker with a more realistic gas field, in addition to the camel’s suit, so that the gas field is simply invincible.

Many flesh girls are always worried about what style of dressing. In fact, if the body is not particularly irregular, seven seven still recommends this kind of European and American extremely simple style with a point-to-pending temperament, because although it is a simple style And color, there is no additional complex elements, but will be visually thinner. Slightly neutral winds are more modified with meat while weakening the lines.

Popular wide-legging pants are also a fashion item that can be used in Europe and America. We all know that the wide-leg pants give people feel that there is a variety of gas, but small children are risks. And the big high, choose a wide-leg pants and long windbreaker, coat single items, easy to get you get the Queen’s gas field.


In the spirit, the essence is the simplest color, and the texture of the texture is used to match a seemingly lazy casuality. It is like this simple and practical wearing, and it is this atmosphere.

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