Although I will go to the fall of the fall, I will continue to face the style of the footwear, and many people still don’t know where to start, choose small white shoes, worry about “bad street”, shallow autumn season to wear long boots Worried that some are suitable, then you need to have a small booties.

Small boots are fashionable and wild, deeply popular, whether in the star model, or the sun-to-die, the lens is quite high. This fall, hipster, wearing “small boots”, elegant fashion and practical, all the trousers skirts are good, I hope to provide you with the clue!

First, short boots color selection

As a popular single product, the color of the boots is numerous, including black and white or earth boots, the most practical wild boots, color short boots are more suitable for mismatch, easy to light up.

Although the short boots of different colors have different advantages, we need to consider the color of the top and the color when making choices, try to avoid the shoes and clothes color matching, which will not only cause violations, will cause the calves. Cut is cut into two parts, thereby being visually shaped short.

Especially for small children or legs, it is more recommended to choose a short boots whose shares, and it is easy to make the calf with the foot type, and the leg is thinner.


After entering the autumn, there is no more practical style than black boots, such as black Martin boots, black Chelsea boots or black ankle boots, in addition to practicality, black boots can also create a variety of clothes, can be officially Skilly.

But if you are used to match black trousers, you can prefer black boots of the paint-skinned material, on the basis of extending the corpse lines, can also highlight the clothes level.

Second, short boots length and shoes


In addition to the color, the length, the heel or version is also a key factor affecting the effect of short boots.

Many people are worried that the boots are easy to expose the calf short board. The shackles are short, and they are all because they don’t choose the length, like the length of the short boots in the calf belly. The best.

The length of the ankle in the ankle is designed with a slightly loose boot design, which is both smooth and ankle, and the mature woman is tasteful.


The heel is closely related to comfort, and the leg-type length is closely related. Although the high-heeled short boots can stretch the leg-type length, it is not very good.

In comparison, it is recommended that you choose the length of the shortcomings of about 5 centimeters, or neutrally rough, low and boots.

Third, short boots + trousers

It is the first choice for many trendy spermatings, such as jeans, pipes or trousers.

Jeans belongs to the uncomfortable single product, I believe that the vast majority of women’s closures will not be lacking. Autumn out of the street with it with short boots, trendy age, no loss, short boots can also break the plainness of jeans.

If you want to further enhance the street feeling, change the neutral color short boots to color short boots, easy to use red blue color concave shape.


When middle-aged women wear boots, they need to avoid pants to cover boots. Generally, with nine pants with short boots, it is easier to stretch the leg-type length, and improve fashion.

With the tobacco pipe type and pleating design, the leg line can be modified to make long straight and fall.

Walking the workplace of the woman’s route, always likes to build commuter LOOK with a variety of high waist suit trousers or tow trousers, at this time, there is a double boot with the pointed boots, which can effectively avoid high waist pants. .

Based on the length of the stretch leg type, the short boots can also be injected into a mature woman in the shape, just soft.

Four, short boots + skirt


The ankle boots belong to the footwear of a very female breath, which is used to take the trousers and elegances that highlight the middle-aged woman. It can further emphasize the sensuality of the skirt.

But in this combination, whether it is a semi-skirt or a dress, it is recommended that you don’t exceed the ankle, which is generally near the ankle shoe or one.

Easily wear temperament in conjunction with color or color echoing skills.


After the temperature turns cold, middle-aged women may wish to take a suit outside of the dress, with the help of mixing suit to further enhance the trendy sense.

The above is this time to share the autumn boots to everyone, if you don’t know what shoes wear, then you may try a short boots, all the trousers are good!

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