High heel


It is a favorite clothing style of many girls. It represents a girl who has changed to a woman, and he also represents himself and finally began to take responsibility.

High heels are also the favorite of many women, can have a long leg, can also make them look more beautiful. But not everyone can find the first time when all people are with high heels.

Suitable for yourself.

Because many times, if you choose high-heeled shoes, if you are not advanced enough, you will show yourself, or even an atmosphere.

In fact, Xiaobian recommends everyone when choosing the high heels wearing in summer, it is best to choose


Because the color of the colored age is very good, you can make yourself show your youthful breath.

Summer first double high heel, but also choose color, not only is still very advanced, summer breath is so lively, so when you match, you should also match the colored high-heeled shoes to make you look more fashionable.


High heels are still wearing colored,

Not only the tenderness is still cool

Look at it, it’s too much, and more ordinary black and white high heels are different. Colored high-heeled shoes are too high-level, or a sexy, it is much better than common black. If you don’t get ridiculous requirements, Xiaobian is still recommended Everyone matches colored

High heels.

• High brightness high heels

High heels with high color brightness are very good, which makes them stand out, showing high-level and atmospheric effects. High heels with high color brightness are often better than the eye effect, so it will be more

Raigui atmosphere.

Pink high heels


A pink high-heeled shoe gas field with high color brightness is very atmospheric, and the colorful color can instantly improve his existence, let yourself show comparison.

Active gas field.

And the colorful pink shoes that look very unique, very high, but the clothing of the casual wind is completely no problem, especially when wearing a black-style clothing, it makes themselves instantly It is very conspicuous.

At the same time, pink high heels can also meet the yellow girl who like to wear pink clothes, the shoes and faces are relatively far, even if they are dark

The effect of temperament is not large.

Positive red high heels

When it comes to colored high heels, you have to mention red, red high-heeled shoe gas field is noble, you can make yourself look very atmosphere, but also make yourself show

The noble stable gas field.

And when you match the high heels of red, you can not only match the casual style, but also match the costumes of the business style. Because red is very advanced, you can make you look very well.


Green high heels


Unlike warm colors, high heels, green high heels are not so strong, and the gas field showing is also relatively fresh, more suitable for matching

Leisure style clothing.

If you like more than a simple match, you can match the same color of the shoes on the upper body, add

The effect of the up and down.

• Vintage colored high heels

Unlighted high heels, retro high heels are relatively low-key, retro temperament can add a lady’s gastro, let yourself show

Elderly stable gas field.

Moreover, the color temperament of retro wind is relatively low, even if you don’t like the girl who is too exaggerated, you can also match when wearing a relatively simple and casual.

Retro high heels.

Light yellow high heels

The color is relatively shallow, and the high heel temperament with yellow tune is a comparative retro low-key, and the low-key and some steady feelings can increase the high level, and the light color will not be naive, it is very suitable for matching

Coffee color high heels

In the high heels of retro wind, brown high heels are the most common,

Although color is colored


However, the temperament is stable, and the black high heel is not lost, and the gas field of the retro lady is also displayed.


When the girl with a girl with a skirt,

With coffee color high heels,


It can make you instantly become very advanced.

• Light high heels

Light high heel temperament is relatively fresh, and the agende effect is better, and because the color tone is relatively shallow, it can be displayed

Young feeling of cool and off.

Yellow high heels


High heel shoe gas field is lively,


Full of

Pure breath,

It is very suitable for matching the cool clothing, showing the gas field of the sprinkler.

But when wearing a yellow high heel, it is best to put on the clothing of yellow elements, otherwise it is easy to display

Heart light

Not coordinated.

Pink is a color of a young girl, which can make yourself show your sweet and lovely gas field. Moreover, light pink is also more elegant, with casual winds can increase the high level, and the costumes with commercial wind will be significant.

Soft lady.


Does the color high heel shoes are very advanced? Everyone is in daily with high heels, must try a test color, not only more suitable for the clothing of the casual style, but also makes your own looks more

Make an accuracy.


If you want to know more about the high heels, please pay attention to Xiaobian and learn more about the fashion match.


Pink high heels


Leisure style clothing.

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