“Babouche” is from northern, usually directly translated into “Moroccan Slippers” directly. This kind of shoe is usually material very soft, and the piece that is helping the feet directly step on the slipper to wear, very comfortable, so it is known for its world.


Babouche, in addition to leather products, there are many other materials. It can be used as a home slippers, and it is also very practical. Many fashion brands have launched the shoes of “babouche”, and some are also directly removed, and become a flat Muller shoes.

In Japan, this “babouche” is very popular with housewives, goes to buy dishes, and walks. Today I am shared, it is this “Babouche” slipper’s day wearing.

Classic design leather babouche shoes, easy to match. Scrubbed leather has low gloss, so it looks mature. The pointed design makes your feet look very beautiful. It is recommended that the trousers choose a more feminine match.

Simple flat babouche shoes, lovely round head design. The soft hue of Babouche is also recommended for generous and mature women.

Babouche shoes for vivid V-mouth and square design are very popular items. Match pink pants, fashion and beautiful.


This pair of Babouche shoes stitching a small piece of serpent pattern in the upper, which is unique and fashionable. When you choose the basic casual match of jeans, if there is a pair of such shoes, you can immediately become gorgeous and fashionable. The design of the V-mouth is easy to balance with fashionable trousers.


Unique Babouche, a variant V-mouth design. Brown shoes and beige clothes match, this is a gradient style, and it is also very stylish in Japan.

Babouche shoes for mesh design, more suitable for summer, this is a pair of designs similar to low-heel Muller shoes. The back mesh material makes your feet more breathable and comfortable in summer. Match a bloom skirt and lavender t-shirt, fresh and charming light-cooked style.

Hipster crocodile babouche shoes. Simple design is easy to match anything, it is very suitable for daily denim leisure.


Babouche shoes combined with popular ballet. The styling style will change with the two wear methods of the shoes, it will be interesting.

Even the Babouche shoes of the cute ballet, the gold style will also be very bold. Female chemical and elegant design is also useful for work.


Babouche shoes designed by Laifu shoes. This Lepifeli is clean white, very suitable for summer. It is recommended to match the handsome style of the trousers.


Babouche shoes designed by Laofu shoes, with classic jeans shape, bring fashion embellishment.

Babouche Leafless shoes, crocodile pattern and square design, very fashionable. Black shoes and tight pants are mixed, bring handsome, with loose women’s sweet tops, and balance.


This Babouche shoes are ideal for mature leisure. This is a charming lady design, and there is a lot of pearls after the foot. The snake pattern of the foot of the foot seems to make the fashion feeling multiple.

This is also a Babouche shoes designed by Muller shoes. Wooden thick shoes make it easy to wear, and can be perfectly matched with your summer shape. The design of brown leather shoes is not very gorgeous and can be easily matched with the pattern skirt.


This pair of Babouche shoes have stylish relief design and unique small squares. It is also recommended to reduce this cold shoe to the sweet feeling of the floral dress. Dark brown, make mature women can’t resist.

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