Xiaobian finishing, 2022 summer vacation student MM swimsuit, big show “s” curve! MMs who are moving in the summer vacation and love swimming MM don’t miss it!

1,2022 fluorescent wave dot swimsuit

2022 Summer vacation latest MM swimwear! Fresh pleasant colors, let people look very comfortable! When the fluorescent green hits the point element, the fashion instant is soaring! It is also showcase the MM “S” curve, exquisite, such a stylish swimwear is moving in the summer vacation MM, you can still hold it!


2,2022 sexy swimsuit

Very sexy swimsuit, showing the student MM Dona, show the perfect body of “S” curve! Sunshine, beaches, come back to a fashionable sexy swimwear, beautiful scene, summer vacation really don’t miss this sexy swimwear!

3,2022 gathered swimsuit

Galoped swimsuits show MM “S” curve, exquisite Na Daozi, sexy, outlined deep V curve is more fascinated! The hot fire in the summer vacation, come to a sexy swimwear!


4,2022 pink swimsuit

Pink is cute, a swimming swimsuit is especially suitable for students in summer vacation! Cute color, design boldly design shows students MM “S” curve body, spring light is infinite, only because this cloud fog scattered 2013 summer vacant swimwear!

5,2022 leopard swimsuit


For your own body, you are full of confidence, MM love Xiaobian recommended this leopard swimwear! Sexy leopard pattern, wild, fashion, but also allows students MM Daxiu “S” curve, wearing a student mm different!


6,2022 new swimsuit

Is this summer, the latest swimsuit! The styles are boldly designed, and the standard is unconventional, very fashionable and wild! It is also showing the student MM “S” curve, the summer scenery is infinite, only because of this new swimwear!


7,2022 waist swimsuit

The waist is designed, showing the beauty of the MM Huangxin proportion, it is a very sexy swimwear when the “S” curve is a big show.

8,2022 striped swimsuit


Stylish stripe elements, this 2022 new swimsuit is just right! Outlook Sexy Deep V curves to show the “S” curve! Fashion, sweet, generous, sexy!


Hurry to pick a swimwear you like to have a hot summer vacation, students MM don’t wait any longer.

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