Spring gradually rebounded in the temperature, many people tend to create trendy feelings, especially shoes, especially shoes. However, in the warm spring, ordinary people don’t choose a variety of boots in order to dress. The boots are so beautiful but it is too thick, but it is not able to reveal the back of the foot, the shallow mouth of the ankle is full.

This time we will take a look at how to look at the spring shallow flat shoes. Spring gives up the boots, “shallow mouth flat shoes” more heart, comfortable foreign air is still very thin!

First, shallow mouth flat shoes more heart machine

Most people know that shoes are very important in the overall shape. If you want to win elegance, you should choose a pair to improve the shoes that wear clothes, this is also the reason why many people will start from boots in spring.

But it is more suitable for the spring, more mindful is shallow flat shoes. The flat shoes are comfortable and generous, wearing more lightweight than the boots, even if the temperature is rapid, no need to worry about sweating.


The most worth mentioning is that the shoes with shallow design can show the back, ankle these areas, and the feet is beautiful and the legs are long, which is where the boots are lacking.

Second, how is the shallow mouth flat shoes?

A pair of shallow flat shoes can create a variety of LOOK, but this is based on the comfort and simple and generous, especially the general public, and pay attention to the practicality and comfort of the shoes itself.


1, Loyifiu shoes

This is a more common shoes in spring, suitable for some 40-year-old workplace, like white Laofu shoes or camel, synonymous with simple and generous, elegant intellectuality, easy to modify legs, while The elegance of a woman itself comes out with a symptomatic breath.


Lucky shoes of round, square or almonds are very suitable, small children can also choose to be coarse with Lefu shoes, no flat shoes comfortable, but can be quietly increased.

2, U-shallow mouth single shoes

This type of single shoes designed with U-shaped openings are also ideal for ordinary people. It is different from Loyifer’s shoes in the footwear, focusing on shaping elegant and gentle female breath, more suitable for daily wearing.

The superimposed U-shaped opening design can easily expose most of the backrests, appear to be more thin.


Third, how is the shallow mouth flat shoes?

After replacing the boots with shallow mouth shoes, you need to pay attention to color and color.

1, beige / white Loles shoes

Regarding color use, we are mainly divided into two aspects, the first is the color of Lefu shoes itself, the second is Loyifiu shoes and tops or lower color.

Light-colored Laofu shoes or single shoes feel fresh and advanced, it is spring plastic to create an elegant temperament, on color matching, it is recommended to use small white trousers to combine such shoes, and it is easy to stretch the leg.

2, red shallow mouth flat shoes

Senior unlike the white shoes, this shallow mouth gives people a lot of bright retro, self-contained court breath and girl feelings, age-age and lift temperament.

The partner with this type of shoe is a french jeans, and the upper body can choose a grandmaster, very french style.

3, brown Loles shoes

Whether it is brown Laofu Shoes or other styles of brown shallow shoes, you can help your workplace girls create a light oriented breeze, highlighting high-grade sexuality.

It is generally recommended to use this type of shoe with white, black or earth-colored nine pants, but pay attention to that at least one item in the upper or shoes uses a large floor, and the bag can also strengthen coordination in the coordination.

Fourth, how to match the shallow mouth flat shoes?

It is recommended that you choose the shallow mouth of flat shoes instead of short boots, but also because the short boots are relatively small, the shallow mouth is more practical.

1, high waist nine pants + Lefu shoes


The temperature in spring is getting higher and higher. Ordinary people want to create a sense of heartplay, be sure to reveal the slender arms, then all kinds of nine pants can be used in the use of Laofu shoes or other shallow mouth shoes. Comfort And the leg is long.

On the top, except for the grandmother, the long windbreaker is also a good choice, and beautiful and 飒.


Regarding the choice of nine pants, in addition to the pipes of the pipe, straight trousers, wide leg trousers or blue jeans can also be used, simple and comfortable, and all kinds of dressing problems.

Middle-aged woman, don’t forget to use the slight bottoming shirt, highlight the body.

2, long skirt + shallow mouth flat shoes

The key to this type of mission is that the skirt style selection, the umbrella dress or pleated skirt is sweet and easy to match the shallow mouth shoes or a word buckle, straight skirt, knitted dress connection Lefu shoes.

This time I wore it here, I wore a short boots in the spring of this spring. Try the above shallow mouth flat shoes, comfortable and generous!

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