Time is really very fast, and I came to the spring and summer of 2022, and I chose a suitable trousers in this spring will also make you the most beautiful focus in the crowd.


But the trousers must pay attention to color and version


In addition to ordinary black jeans, this year is also popular in white trousers, white trousers and thousands of black trousers, more refreshing and gentle, wearing them on the body, can make temperament to highlight the temperament, worthy of our reference.

In the next article, let us follow these fashion bloggers to understand some white trousers, so that you easily become a temperament goddess. These white trousers are simple and resistant, and women in 40 are also trying.

First, why is “white trousers”?

Advantage 1 color refreshing


Why do white trousers are so popular in spring? Mainly because of its color refreshing, you know that in the spring and summer season, it is more suitable to use light colored single products, but at this time, if you want to wear thin and wild, white trousers will be more concerned, Especially the following bloggers


, Use this nine-point white jeans or suit trousers, it seems very fresh, and it can highlight high-level feelings.



Advantage 2

In our masses, dark costumes are often more mature, and light-colored clothing is often more highlighting, so you have to remember light-colored style when wearing pants, like white The reason why pants is popular, because it is really simple and wild

Women aged 20 and 50 can wear, which can make you look more energetic, which is more exciting than ordinary black pants.

Second, how to choose “white trousers”?

First point: the legs, the sister, choose a loose wide leg pants

White trousers are trembled, but they should be selected according to their personal body, if you belong to the pear shape, the legs are thick and the legs are not good, then don’t wear a tight white trousers, otherwise it is easy to expose leg type. question. For the sake of insurance,

It is also recommended that you use dark trousers to concave shape, so you don’t have to worry about it.

For example, the blogger below uses this loose suit wide-legged pants, and white styles are also more likely to look at, and they are also coordinated with colored suit.

The second point: the proportion is not good to choose the “white trousers” of the nine high waist

The white trousers have a lot of styles. In order to highlight high-level feelings, many little sisters will consider the length of nine points. This is very friendly for small children, and nine points of white trousers are refreshed and thin. The ankle can also be avoided.

At the same time, you can use high waist design when choosing pants, the combination of high waist and nine points can further enhance your gas field, look at the glamor. And whether it is a shirt, a sweater or T-shirt will be very level, can help us adjust the proportion, follow the short-term rules, can have a long legs in minutes.

Part III: Introduction to “White Pants”

(1) Suits with “white trousers”


Most of the 40-year-old women are busy working. At this time, we have to wear a good look and fashionable. It is the key to learning some elegant intellectual commuters. You can learn the owner to use this kind of suit to match the white pants, suit The match is often more calm. If he can combine the white trousers, the overall looks more gentle and innocent.

Especially the blog


Brunette suit with light-colored trousers, this kind of matching can clearly divide the body ratio, looks at the sense, and can also be highlighted by deep shallow combination.

(2) Shirts with “white trousers”

This piece of shirt has been very popular in daily life, but some people will worry about the shirts of the shirts are too monotonous. At this time, you can use some hipster skills, like a shirt with white trousers to see Go up and harmoniously, and you can shape the charm of gentleness.

Women can refer to the blogger’s nine small white trousers, and then combined with short shirts, practice and color, especially the belt can also modify the proportion, so that you have a high level.

We will also find that most people choose white trousers to favor the straight version, which is modified to highlight the high level.

It is also possible to show a stable atmosphere, and the combination of the shirt will not be violated. With this short-length matching method, it is possible to show a high level. The binding of deep shallow combination will also be significantly divided, and small son must enter.

No matter whether you are 20 years old or 40 years old, you can use white trousers to leave the concave shape. These fashion bloggers introduce us a lot of shape, and there is a certain reference value for 40-year-old women, go to work and daily wear It is very ok. However, when choles a white pants, you must pay attention to the version, avoid tight, give priority to the length of the straight tight, and it is also developed when mixing, showing good temperament.

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