As a model, the length is the second, but the body must be a very important condition. If you want to be a professional model, you must have a perfect proportion of the body, if you have the condition of supermodel, it will be more Harsh! As a large number of Chinese supermodels, Yan Mengyao is definitely the leader in this industry. Looking at the country to reach this level of supermodel flexible!


Recently, in a shopping mall, the netizens will encounter the dream Yao himself who is working on the product station. I saw her moments in my own eyes, but was amazed by her! Yan Mengyao wearing a black-step dress, wrapped in 90% of the body, but even if so, it is difficult to cover her supermodel temperament! After all, the body and height are there, from this perspective, Yan Mengyao’s figure is like a foul!


Moreover, Yan Mengyao is also a person who is very like interactive, and will continue to move the audience under the stage, and a smile look so perfect! Although this dress is a very ordinary style, few people can truly wear this kind of dress out of the essence, but Yan Mengyao is done! It seems that this dress is specifically tailored to her, but it is not yet!

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