November 7 is a winter, a lot of places have come up with heavy snow, so in such a cold weather, naturally, it is necessary to have a strict package, and the down jacket has become the first choice for people.

Liu Shishi came out of a set of photo to wearing down jacket, although the single product whose style is heavy.

But it is very sports style.

Here we take a look. Liu Shishi is very good! Wear big fur collar down jacket photographed the face to eye-catching, energetic super

Liu Shishi’s down jacket wearing a small highlight point

Keywords: keep warm, leisure, sports

01: Basedly, create refreshments

We all know that the biggest feature of the down jacket is very thick, so when combining with other fashion items, if you also walk the wind, you will form a more bloated feeling, so we will choose some

Compare Slimming Design


This will make a wide-tight combination that makes the shape more hierarchical.

So Liu Shishi’s set of styles, whether it is in the dark, or the black casual pants of the lower body, the line design is very favorable,

Use linear design to create a fluency


Avoid the thickness of shape

02: Stright and deep color combination, the atmosphere is high

In addition to the styles, this set of color match is also very particular, specially selected

Strong deep color combination

The biggest advantage of this color is

Extend the lower half ratio with darkness


And the light-colored system is used in

Bright shape



Visual focus

So even if you don’t reveal waist lines,

Can also create an extension, easy to achieve high effects

So when choosing the middle long down jacket of the khaki, the black casual pants of the lower body form a good


Role, both can produce a good impact

It has enriched color elements, avoiding a single, and it is possible to form a good hierarchical property.

03: Suitable waist, show the body curve is more thin

There are a lot of version of the down jacket, the most common thing is

Direct profile design


This style uses vertical parallel lines to cover up the shortcomings, thus reaching the modified slimming effect.

Apple-shaped figure

But for those of the pear shape,

Appropriate show, waistline, more capable effects

And join

High-grade design


After that, further adjustment

Improve body proportion

It is conducive to creating a high effect, avoiding the consequences caused by a long down jacket.

04: Da Mao collar makes a more likely

Hoodd down jackets are the most common most popular style, it can play a good role in wind and warm, especially joined


Big fur collar


Hoodroom design,

It is even more convenient to keep warm.

In addition, the addition of a large fur collar can also improve the shape.

Precious feeling

It can be said that it is a pen in the shape.

Like Liu Shishi put the hat on the head, the furry hat collar, let her only have the face of the big face, it looks more small, very good increase

Playful and cute

Even if it is a HD camera, close the face, it is not afraid,

The temperament is really great.

05 fluffy high horsetail + sports shoes, create a full sense of energy

The most prominent style of this set is

Motion sense

And the reason why it can create such a feeling,

Just in the hairstyle and shoes.

Fluffy high horsetail

Designed very well


After the effect, and the top is getting fluffy, it can also effectively improve the top and create

Head bag face effect


Make a fruit, let

Face type look more smooth

, Appropriately joining wavy dragon bangs, more age, while sneakers on the foot, more steps to improve the dynamic effect of modeling.

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Wen / fall peanut

Liu Shishi is not afraid of HD face! New photo wear down jacket to walk sports wind, big fur collar is too high





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