时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

噔噔 噔! Small chickens showtime! Today, the goddess is parsed for everyone – wearing boots Raiders. Autumn and winter season boots are essential, no matter how boots are still boots, people in hand boots. How can I wear the boots in the styling of the boots like a star? Now the flower flower puts black boots, camel boots, Martin boots … and the hot knee boots this year, one by one. Look down!

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Every time I see the streets of all kinds of gods, they are buying in all kinds of grass.

Can always don’t have a strong gas field of gods, is it really temperament?

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Today, Xiaobian teaches everyone to turn into the gas field!

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Song Dynasty in the most dramatic velvet boots

Prince who is shaping the long legs over the knee boots

What is the hottest boots?

Star’s boots wearing practical guide

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

How can she choose boots to change their long legs?

Transformed big long legs, refused to do “Harbi people”


Hundreds of thousands of green

Booties as the normal victory of the autumn and winter season, supermodel, star, fashion blogger, and your family’s small sister is one. It is a hundred changes, the girl’s wind, the queen, and the mood is relaxed.


时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Black boots

△ 袁 袁– mm6 maison margiela

Oversize’s sweater with a micro-jeans, fashion and simple. Black sunglasses will add handsome to the whole.

△ Song Jia -givenchy

Full black look plus handsome boys, I don’t want to be sad. Very woman’s bag hip skirt, with pointed shoes, turned into a workplace.

△giGi Hadid-Freda Salvador

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Gigi will be wearing, black waist coats are very thin, and some calves are exposed between the knee sweater and the boots.

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚


Camel’s boots

△ 关 晓 – barin

Guan Xiaoyu This pair of “clips” boots are divided into long legs. The orange coat and the inner tape are very energetic fresh, and the cartoon shoulder bag also sprouts your teenagers.

△ Zhang Tian Ai – Louis Vuitton AfTershow

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

The sovery of the stream has been favored by everyone, this tassel and ankle boots are not monotonous. The entire set of colors echo, plus a cute small box, simple and fashionable.


时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Martin boots

△ Ouyang Na Na

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Ouyang Na can be called the loyal fan of Martin boots, and the handsome Martin boots are very comfortable. Various styles can be easily controlled, and it is the first choice for girls.

△ 天 爱 – lis vuitton

This shoe will pay attention to the fashionable baby of the LV Daxiu is not strange. You can choose the top like Zhang Tian’s love, and the baby who is not too daring to wear clothes or sweater will have a good effect.

Wear a demonstration

△ long M-1 jacket / DURAS

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚


Shorts / EVRIS

Socks / 17 ° C

Boots / Diana

△ denim rose cloth jacket / moussy

Black velvet cross with dress / moussy

Coffee color fur boots / private

△ Black Trumpet Sleeve High Waist / Monki

Brown Bag / Massimo Dutti

Black and ankle boots / private

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

△ Stripe Tweed / ZARA

Black pencil pants / Lamachi

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Dark Berret / Private

Red bag / private

Martin boots /Dr.martens

Good object recommendation

△ thick with and ankle boots / envym

△ 驼 跟 and ankle boots

△ Martin boots /Dr.martens from c.p.u


Divided into a beautiful long leg

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Xiaobian I have a supermodel, in fact, only Harbi people. This cruel world! However, recently Xiaobian diamonds all kinds of stars every day, finally finds the artifact of turning into the long legs – boots. It is also slim to keep warm, revealing a small ham, if there is no small sexy minute minute to die.


How to wear the queen of the street

△ Yang Mi-Christian Louboutin

Recently, I have a very powerful power of the big power, and the loose denim jacket is matched with a cute T-shirt, the super hot “bottle package” is hipster.


Who says long boots are not to have a knee! Supermodinal 奚 梦 瑶 chooses the black boots to match this year’s large heat space clothing jacket, handsome rate is superior.

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

△ 丽娅 – rick wens

Hey, a vibrant dress, very young girl, the cute striped sweater can see is a men’s clothing? Have the knee boots and shorts, small exposed thighs, who said that sexy and girls can’t coexist

△ Tang Yizhen-Sergio Rossi

The national degranting Tang Yizhen is a cute little woman dress up, the cowboy cloak jacket plus high heel boots. So good-looking and lovely dress, you can get “the bureaucrat”

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚


△ Camouflage jacket / bershka

Sling vest, necklace / affiliate stradivarius

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Embroidered skirt / LILY brown

Earrings / Somnium

Knitted cap / Candy Wood

△ camel color knit belt / private

Khaki Boots / Pedder RED

Black bag / peacebird

△ camel leather skirt / spinns

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Grizzlown knitted headscarf / GRACE

Light blue lace bag / Joienalier

High boots / ESPERANZA


△ flat bottom knee boots / ZARA

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

△ suede boots / H & M

△ ink green high boots / Pinko

Warm-hearted recommendation

Special recommendation for flowers

I have seen so many boots recommended. Is it can’t wait? Hurry to learn the star’s winter boots to wear it.

Take a good winter boots, you have a star-like gas field and supermodel long legs.

At the same time, pay attention to the temperature of your city, choose the right boots ~

Winter is coming, is the babies ready for winter?

Or what do the babies want to grow grass? Flower flower message

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Universal flower will meet each baby!

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Wear a demonstration

Boots / Diana

时下最热的各类冬靴,众多明星教你怎么搭 让你走路生风,气场爆棚

Good object recommendation

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