The Australian brand Sinovis used to be a famous synonym. Today, the store is old, the number of stores has fallen sharply, and the “King of Jeans”, the casual costume “the ancestor” is like this in the heart of consumers and fashion

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The former clothing giant Jeanswest is facing the crisis of Australian bankruptcy restructuring. Although China’s biggest market has not been affected at the operating level, since Qualivis has been lost in the mainland in China, more than 1600 people in the country, the crisis of Australian business undoubtedly giving the Chinese market. Shadow.

Due to long-term operation, and the sluggish in Australia’s retail industry,

On January 15th, the costume chain brand Yusi Australia announced that it entered the voluntary custody process, and the custodian party was the accounting firm KPMG (current KPMG), the main body of Ju Maway is willing to acquire or invest in the Australian business.

Zevis has 146 stores in Australia, enters the hosting process, facing bankruptcy restructuring means that 998 employees face the risk of unemployment.

KPMG announced that the current Ivers business outside Australia is not affected by this custody. Multi-Qi Visters Beijing Sub-store staff also told the “Financial” reporter, and all the stores are operating normally, but they don’t know what to happen in Jason Australia, and the Hong Kong headquarters has not “synchronized” any statement.

In addition to the predicament of Australian business, Jen Vis has been in the Chinese market in recent years.

Due to “the style of the style, the old shop image is old, the skyvis and the whole era are out of date.”

The Roland Berg’s senior partner said Guoqiang’s “Financial” reporter. There is a lack of effective communication between the Heiwis Headquarters and the franchisee, and the channels of the Chinese market are also facing the crisis of out-of control. “There is a few quarter-year-old sales, and the brand company does not pay attention to the treatment, leading to the loss of the company, and returns to the store.” He said.

Located in the throne of Beijing Vital Oriental Shopping Square, the storefare is too crowded, and the product display lacks aesthetic. Photography / this journal Intern Yang

China’s business has lost a loss

Because of the direct loss of Direct Camp and Join business in Jear Vis, continued losses in 2016 (not counting non-recurring benefits), greatly affects the performance of listed companies, in order to protect small shareholders’ interests and corporate image, 2018 11 In the month, the Rising Day Group has sold the founder of the Group, the founder of the Group, the major shareholders Yang and Yang Xun, with the price of HK $ 800 million, and Yang Xun, a large shareholder.

It was founded in 1972, which was once similar to GAP. Its first store is in Brak Street in Perth, Australia, and quickly expands in Australia. In 1990, Hong Kong businessmen Yang Wei, Yang Xun founded the Rising Group acquired Zhenvis. Since the 1980s, the Rising Sun Garment Factory has been doing an OEM to Jusi.

In 1993, Zhenwis entered the mainland market and opened the first store in Shanghai to produce sales of jeans and casual clothing. Due to the catering the 20th and early 2000 demand for such products, it fills the market blanks, and Jerevis has quickly replicated street shops in major cities in China, and has a New Year sales of nearly HK $ 5 billion. brilliant. In 2012, the quantity of the Truss in China reached 2,800 peaks in China.

The same period, Jear, also entered Vietnam, Russia, Fiji, Venezuela, and the Middle East market. In 1996, Zhenwis stepped into New Zealand. In 1995, in addition to the Hong Kong Headquarters, Yusi established another headquarters in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, Huizhou is the founder of the Founder of the Rising Sun Group Yang Wei and Yang Xun.

After 2012, it has been expanding in the expansion of the inventory crisis, and started to take the slope.

The number of storefronts fall from the Porp in 2012, only 1200 stores in 2017. It disappears 1600 stores in 5 years, and the proportion of direct stores will fall from 43% to 31%. At the same time, there is also a Chinese casual apparel brand such as Metersbonwe, Dannu, Sen Ma.

The large e-commerce companies in Alibaba, as well as the rise of various types of clothing vertical e-commerce, also brought pressure to the brand like Zhensis.

Zevis said in a financial report,

E-commerce is especially significant on the impact of China’s Three-four-line city, and online retail relying on substantial discount promotions. The gross profit margin of the physical store is also dragged.

At the same time, in recent years, ZARA, H & M, Uniqlo and other international brands, and the Chinese and foreign small brands have emerged, and they are gradually forgotten by consumers in the design style.

“Finance” reporter saw in the innovant shop in Beijing Vital Oriental Shopping Plaza, although it is close to the year, major brands have a certain discount, but compared with the more price-competitive international brands, the Weve’s discount is still relatively large. Full-price down jacket buy one get one free, other clothing has also hit a 40% off.

This is a real Vissen franchise store, in-store staff said that

It has been done for ten years, and sales have been declining in recent years. “The store is not good in recent years.” This store is like other shops in Zevis, and the storefront clothing is too crowded.

A consumer tells the “Finance” reporter:

“When the junior high school, I really like the true Vivus. Now the style is really too soil.” There are also consumers say: “The more wearing the jeans in the thrive is getting behind, quality and design are behind.”

Depranked from “fashion”

The founder of Jevis Brand, ALISTER NORWOOD, recently analyzed why Zevis declined to the Australian Perth 6PR radio, the reason is that Zhenwis has already departed from the word “fashion”.

“In recent years, Zhenwis has lost its market direction, and the core consumer group has lost attractive.” He believes that Qi Vis’s clothes “sell too miscellaneous”, there are children’s clothing, and there are pregnant women’s clothes, there is no “lead fashion” . He hopes that Qiwis can reorganize and operate it.

In fact, because the revenue has declined in the year, Jui Visseous Australian business is a loss in the three years in 2017, as early as July 2017, the Australian business of Jerevis was privatized by the Rising Group, peeled off the listed company Rising Sun, It is also the Kuri Group’s founder Yang Wei, Yang Xun owned by Yang Xun.

Since Australia’s online retail is experiencing the most difficult period since 1990, the continuous impact of Amazon and other international e-commerce platforms, from KPMG, James Stewart, believes that

Australian tough retail environment, as well as the pressure from e-commerce, is also the reason for dragging the thrive.


The custodian said that Jerevis will hold a meeting of a debt in Melbourne on January 28. Another host gothard said,

Jevis currently continues until the custodian has taken an emergency business assessment. “The custodian will study all programs, and the Retail Business of the Jerevis Australia may be restructured, maybe it will be sold.”

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