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There are a lot of award recently, I am afraid that you missed it. So I reminded it, yesterday, the headline had a recent fire clinique double V, “micro needle” oh, didn’t see the baby to pull down the winning rate duck!

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Many northern fans said that the north is super cold! Unlike Guangzhou, it is not cold, and it is very embarrassing to face the wardrobe before going out every day. Seeing the baby’s wall of the north, it is recommended to recommend leggings, so this autumn and winter leggings are arranged! ! !

Picture: StyleDumonde.com


Recently, many people share the experience of liposuction and stovepipe on Little Red Book, but I want to say that liposuction is risky! Beautiful babies know, some leggings also have the role of “stovepipe”! So, don’t go to liposucery ~ I will see what good things I recommend today, 嘻嘻!

Image: INS@atsugi.jp

Before giving you a “duo), we come to a good question about leggings:

1. Is the thicker leggings?


No, although the thick clothing will give us a very warm feeling, but the fact is not the case, otherwise no need to invent some thin and warm materials. So thick, warm, but also look at its material, whether plus velvet, etc.

Usually we have used the D number to describe the thickness of the leggings, D (Denier) is a fiber unit. Both leggings are made of fiber textile, how much gram of every 9000 meters, this leggings are how much D. Usually the D number is, it means that the thicker leggings (not meat). But this is not absolute, manufacturing methods and techniques will affect, so the D number of leggings between the same brand can be measured as a reference, but the D number between different brands is not comparable.

Press “Denier” to see transparency

Shielding rate

About 95%

About 96%

About 97%

About 98%






The shielding rate is the ratio of the fabric mask skin, the larger the value, the more meat.

2, what are the materials in leggings? Which is the most warmth?

The material of the common winter leggings has modal, velvet, cotton, polyester fiber, etc.

3, how to pick the leggings?

Although the leggings is very ordinary, it is not easy to pick a good and good. Generally we can determine if this leggings worth buying from the following dimensions:

Several dimensions of leggings:



Some materials are easy to start hooks, so they must see clearly.




Just like just what, the leggings are not the thicker, the thicker, to be moderate.



The leggings will be very uncomfortable, too uncomfortable, and it’s super hard to get up!




If the leggings are too short, you will fall, you know …


Spherical / Purdy:

This business will generally not tell you, you have no way to test, so you can only see more buyers commented ~

In fact, the leggings on the market must have no perfect (if you have any questions!), We can only choose the above dimensions to choose good and suitable for yourself.

Image: INS @ atsuGi

4, what kind of leggings are thin?

Black black black! Hahaha, don’t use me, everyone knows, black leggings must be the most slimed drop. So today I want to recommend it to everyone is black ~ There is also a shaped leggings, and the stress socks. But everyone is thin, still not too persistent, I personally feel that it is very good, after all, it is just a leggings!

Picture: Printrest_Kristin Koch, Olive & June

OK! Solve everyone’s doubts, now recommend 9 excellent leggings! (Look forward to 搓 JIO)


Thick Wood ATSUGI 140D Light Heat Plastic Hot Socks


Reference price: 269RMB / two pairs


Purchase channel: thick wood flagship store

– Thickness: 140D


– Main material: velvet

– Elasticity index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

– Warm Index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

– Slim leg effect: ⭐⭐⭐

It is said that the Houjia’s leggings sell 150 million yuan every year in Japan! It’s really fire, now there is also a flagship store in our country, so it is very convenient to buy, don’t need to be purchased ~

Picture: Houmu flagship store

This 140D fever sock officially represents the cold of 6 ~ 15 ° C, the material is velvet, so wearing a super comfortable, soft, there is a feeling of being cared. Its heat generating principle is to attach ceramic particles attached to the fibers to effectively convert light energy into thermal energy, which is warm. That is to say, in the illumination of the pants, it is possible to provide heat for the leg.

The design of the liangosh is widened, and it will not take the skin. When you eat hot pot in winter, you will not be unbearable. It can be said that it is tailored for the sisters, super excellent!

Uniqlo Heattech suede tights

Reference price: 149RMB / 1 pair

Buy channel: Uniqlo official flagship store


– Main material: adhesive + polyester fiber


– Slim leg effect: ⭐⭐

This leggings should be familiar with it, and the unique items of Qiyi Kujia autumn and winter!

Picture: PrintRest_uniqlo


The heat of Heattech is relatively magical, that is, the material contains a fiber to convert the water vapor of the human body into thermal energy, producing a certain amount of heat in motion friction. So the trousers itself will not put it hot. But after all, it is plus velvet, so it’s really warm!

Picture: Uniqlo official flagship store

There is no pressure on the leggings itself, so it is better to wear and not get up easily. The pants have plus velvet, and the slimming effect is not so good. Although it will not start, it will stick it. There are currently four colors for everyone to choose, the size is also more detailed.

Kanebo 150D pantyhose

Reference price: 99RMB / 1 pair

Purchase channel: Jiali Tree official flagship store

– Thickness: 150D

– Elasticity index: ⭐⭐⭐


– Warm Index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


– Slim leg effect: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is also a leggings that rely on light, relatively warm, and the stovepipe effect is obvious.

Picture: Jialao official flagship store

The official said that this can resist the cold of -5 ~ 10 ° C, then keep warm in our side, there is no problem. The process of pants wear will be tight, but it is very comfortable to wear, and there is a feeling of light legs, and will not fill! Will not get up ~

Picture: Jialao Flagship Store

In addition to self-heating, socks have also increased deodorant design, which is said to prevent legs from fatigue, promote blood circulation, prevent intravenous songs, etc., suitable for the long-lasting office workers and student party. However, a leggings don’t expect to have Ramo, always say that this leggings are still high.

Let’s Slim warm stovepipe socks


Reference price: 193RMB / 2 pairs

Purchase channel: Little Red Book Let’s Slim official flagship store

– Thickness: 200M + 300M

– Elasticity index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

– Slim leg effect: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


First explain, South Korea’s pantyhose is used as a unit, which is the same as the D number of D before. This sister who wants a stovepi effect in Korean super popular plastic leg socks!

Picture: Naver @ ahynhj

It cooperates with human body studies, using segmentation pressures, across the two sides and buttocks have a lifting effect, so hips, stovepipes are in place.

Image: Naver @ rusl333

You will find it very little, and even doubt you can wear it, but you will know that it is very flexible, although plastic, but it will not be tight.

Picture: Naver @ areaum6811

200M ten degrees wear, no problem, then 300M is also HOLD. I saw so many leggings and my little sisters to evaluate it. I feel that this is a collection of thousands of advantages: keeping warm and stovepipe, don’t hook, don’t afford the ball, don’t fall Comfortable and not tight. So recommend it to everyone!

Secret crown plus velvet stop socks

Reference price: 118RMB / 1 pair

Purchase channel: Leova flagship store / SECRET CROWN official website

– Thickness: 1600D

– Main material: water velvet


I also collected this thick and thin leggings. I want to say that 1600D is too exaggerated. 8!

Image: SmartStore.naver.com

No matter what to say, I feel very practical, I’m very warm, I must be very warm. Hahaha ~ This leggings are the design of the feet (that is, it will reveal the feet), the mindful baby carefully. Although it is very thick, its stovepi effect is still surprising.

Image: www.secretcrown.kr

I personally prefer its waist design, because the winter is not only keep warm, the waist is also very important! Especially when you come to my aunt, the stomach also has to warm the duck ~



Tutuanna 500D leggings

Reference price: 159RMB / 1 pair

Buy channel: Tutuanna flagship store

– Thickness: 500D

Tutuanna is also a brand of Japan. The socks and homes in their home are sweetered with soft cute girl, but leggings are compared.

Picture: Tutuanna Flagship Store


The velvet in Neli gives me a sense of security, but the relatively thick leggings, especially plus velvet, and it is easy to stack after wearing the upper body.

Product detail illustration, picture: Tutuanna flagship store

Help you read a small sister’s comment, most of them said that it is very warm, but it is easy to start! I think it is because the domestic product is not Japan’s quality … so I suggest that you can choose purchase or other route to purchase.

It is also very careful of several thicknesses very carefully, putting the applicable temperature for your reference ~



Women’s desires stovepipe pants and socks

Reference price: 80RMB / 1 pair


Purchase channel: Little Red Book Welfare

– Major material: nylon + polyurethane

– Warm Index: ⭐⭐⭐

This leggings have different thicknesses, but the north is definitely cold, so it is still 150D reliability.

Image: ins@beauty.lagoon

Its special place is that the hips and thigh roots of the leggings are physically stressful, and the weaving method is different from other leggings, and it has played the effect of hips and thin thighs.

Picture: Little Red Book Welfare

There is also its uneven massage weaving, which can make you naturally rubbed naturally during walking, and achieve the slimming effect of consuming about 400 calories. This is really amazing! Interested beauty, you can try ~


Aritzia TNA slim leggings (thick)

Reference price: 268RMB / 1 pair

Purchase channel: Xiaohong book / purchase

– Thickness: (fraction of thinity and thick)

– Main material: cotton

TNA is a Canadian local brand of Aritiza. It is said that this is the Hermes in the leggings, and the Canadian girl is one!

Image: INS @ Satllabuyer


As the leggings, it is highlighted: huge elasticity, no deformation, not bound, super slim is thin! It is simply a weapon with long legs. Because it is a cotton fabric, it is very profound and comfortable. It is also a feature that is the lockless side design of trousers, that is, you can modify your trousers according to your own actual situation, this super intimate!


Like this kind of leggings, you can wear it when you go out or exercise, you can go out with sweaters and sneakers in winter ~ and you should be able to worn for many years!


Image: INS @ marly_ann


Antarctic people stepping on the velvet leggings


Reference price: 59.9RMB / 1 pair

Buy channel: Antarctic official flagship store

– Thickness: thickening

– Stovepi effect: no


Said so many foreign brands, and finally recommend a leggings in our country! When I listen to the name, I feel that this leggings will be warm. Hahaha ~

Picture: Antarctic official flagship store

But I feel the plus velvet inner, very thick and warm! The velvet inside is soft, the effect of the lock temperature is still very good. But don’t have a slimming effect, because it is not thin. But such a cheap and warm autumn trousers, I feel that I will go to my home and I can wear ~

There is a total of 6 colors in this model, including a skin color, but I think it is bloated, and the beauty is cautious.

The above recommended money is a good pants, a good words, perhaps the quality of domestic and foreign sells, especially the Japanese-Korean brand, you can also find a purchase, official website or other method. It may be a bit awkward, then I will summarize it for everyone:

★ Summary ★

Keep warm

Wood, Uniqlo, Tutuanna, Antarctic


Women’s desire, TNA


Warm + stovepipe

Kanebo, Let’s Slim, secret crown

Call ~ a breath, I recommend so much legs, and the double eleven don’t have to buy what kind of thing!

Although there are more and more kinds of leggings on the market, many of them are also taking into account the needs of women, beauty and warmth, but still want to tell everyone, legs, warm and wearing it!

Or have the beauty of the baby’s own leggings, welcome to share with me in the comments ~




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Image: INS@atsugi.jp

Image: INS@atsugi.jp










– Main material: velvet

– Main material: velvet

– Elasticity index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

– Thickness: 150D

– Warm Index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

– Slim leg effect: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Picture: Antarctic official flagship store

Picture: Antarctic official flagship store

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