Game is an entertainment, reasonable moderate games can help people alleviate the pressure brought by work life, because the game allows humans to challenge and overcome obstacles in simulation environments, can help human development intelligence, exercise thinking and response, training skills, Cultivate rules awareness, etc.

The game is also a very useful and effective decompression method. Through a day of tired, play for a while, can effectively transfer work pressure, so I have always held very positive attitude towards games, but how can happiness? A game tool?


Today, give you a granulation of a grain King Kong 2Pro handle, hoping to help everyone.

[Out of the box]

Grain Diamond 2Pro handle packaging directly uses a photo of the handle as a cover of the package, this benefit is that the user can directly view the appearance of the handle, but also simple and tidy, a bit of apple.

The back side of the grain King Kong 2PRO handle introduces the main features of this game handle, which can see this game handle is indeed, and there are several individuals to think about it. :, 1. It adopts the self-developed electromagnetic rocker, high precision, long life;

2. Autonomous research and development of long life buttons, conductive gluner hand, overeating life;

3. The unique rocking rod is unique to protect the rocker and does not drop the powder, and it is more silky;

4. Leading one step to support semi-automatic, fully automatic linking function, etc.

It is mainly to see this handle to fully consider the service life and hand feeling. I have a lot of players on the Internet to buy this handle is for their self-developing electromagnetic rods. I am also.

Open the grain diamond 2PRO handle package, the handle has a matte housing for protection, the following box is the handle of the handle, the protective shell design is very good, the outer is carry or daily storage can be used, nor Worried that the handle is ash, etc.


Removing the game handle can see the appearance of the handle is very beautiful, self-with a silk sand hand, so the handle is very comfortable, because it feels a bit of skin.


The button design of the grain diamond 2PRO handle is a classic big handle layout. From the button of this handle, it can see a large number of different keys with other handles, which is more than the handle function buttons, and there is a strange function. Buttons – learning key, I think this button is outside this handle’s long life, the second important black technology technology, give you a detailed introduction.


The rocker of the handle and the top button are used, the metal silver color color, this coloring highlights the skill of the handle, where the handle is automatically calibrated with the rocker function, the ZL, ZR function, and the handle power-on, press L , R, cross keys, A four button handles will automatically calibrate the roller, and the handle will vibrate a reminder after the calibration is completed.

At the same time, the handle also has the function of the calibration gyroscope. For details, please click the handle manual. In addition, the handle can be seen from the handle to support a variety of devices, including many devices such as Windows, Android, Switch, and specific connection methods Read the instructions.

The grip portion of the handle can see is not a separate mirror design, but use a slightly protruding grid design, which can increase the grip of the handle, and can also be seen without leaving the fingerprint after using the handle, and can also see The handle is paid to the overall grip or the experience is very important.


The handle is adopted by the design of the walker body. It is also very comfortable to use when using it. It is also small to hurt when playing games. The middle of the handle is the LOGO of the handle and some product use logos.

I originally thought that the adoption of the electromagnetic rocker sacrificed a portion of the rocker hand to achieve longer service life, and the facts proved that I think more. In actual use, the grain diamond 2PRO handle game experience is different from the Xbox handle, and the rocker is very smooth, and it is very flexible to use.

Although the hand is the same, the maximum point of the rocker with other handles is the inside of the rocker. The grain diamond 2PRO handle rocker is the electromagnetic rocker independently developed by the grain. By changing the internal equipment to electromagnetic materials, it is long life. At the same time, the grain is also developed to the long life button, and the button of this handle is also independent research and development, and the hand of conductive glue has longer life than the market flagship handle.


In the middle of the handle, it is a function button area. Personally prefer to use the learning buttons in the inside, press the 3 second learning button, the handle will vibrate to start the record, then take all the operations of the handle, press the learning button again. When the recording is completed, when using a learning button, pressing a learning button to trigger all the operations in the record, which is very convenient.


The most important thing is that the learning keys can record and repeat all the operations on the player in the handle within 10 minutes.

I think this handle is suitable for playing most of the games on the market. It should be more suitable in the racing game, because the paragraph of the Hall linear trigger key is not strong, and the overall press is a pressure gradually increase Feeling, you can feel the thrill of bang gates and deceleration in the racing game.

In addition to the racing game, in the Switch host, you can reach the effect of the second connection, compared to the Joy-CON handle used before, use this handle to play Switch game, stronger, and grain King Kong 2PRO The handle is also very smooth, and the game delay is low, but I use the best third-party Switch adapter handle.


The autonomous electromagnetic rocker used by the grain King Kong 2Pro handle, as well as the long life buttons, guaranteed the experience, and the price of less than 300 yuan, compared to the host flagship handle of around 600 yuan, this Valley The 2PRO handle of the grain diamond is unparalleled. At the same time, this handle supports multi-platform adaptation, with motor vibration and other functions, it can be said that the flagship handle should be, the grain King Kong 2Pro handle has, the flagship handle is not, the grain King Kong 2Pro handle has!

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